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Let’s get vehicular

The new edition of Cyclecraft was published last week. I haven’t had a chance to give it a good read yet, but at first glance it appears to contain much of the same dogma previous editions contained. For instance, the … Continue reading

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Designing for existing mode share

There’s been plenty of discussion already about Camden’s West End Project – on Cyclescape, and in detailed blog form on Fitzrovia News, City Cyclists, I Bike London, VoleOSpeed and Rachel Aldred, as well as this open letter from the Movement for Liveable London. A summary can also be found on … Continue reading

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The trouble with our physical environment

A device that offers mobility to people who have great difficulty walking, that is limited to a maximum speed of 8mph, and poses little or no danger (at least relative to other forms of transport like the private car) should never … Continue reading

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Perspectives on Poynton

The Poynton ‘shared space’ scheme has attracted a large amount of attention, both in the UK, and abroad – attention driven principally by this seductive video, produced by Martin Cassini, an advocate of the removal, or reduction, of priority seen in … Continue reading

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‘Critical mass’

Over the last few years it has seemed (to me at least) that the notion of a ‘critical mass’ of riders being a key plank of cycling policy has lost its credibility. The idea of ‘safety coming from numbers’ has, … Continue reading

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Fears about ‘kamikaze’ motorists put Cambridge road scheme on hold

News just in. A road scheme in Cambridge, which would involve giving motorists ‘priority’ along a road, has been put on hold due to concerns about the behaviour of a minority of motorists. Plans for a new Cambridge road scheme involving ‘junctions’ … Continue reading

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Transferring responsibility

A building in town is being renovated. There is scaffolding around the exterior, and around that is some wooden boarding, protecting the public from the building work inside. There’s an entrance door to the site; it has a warning to the … Continue reading

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The unanswerable case for pedestrian helmets

From the Bristol Post – Hanham mum: My son’s pedestrian helmet saved his life after crash WEARING a pedestrian helmet was a choice that saved one 12-year-old boy’s life. Charlie Baggot was walking to Hanham High School when he was hit by … Continue reading

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The connection between walkability and high cycle use

Figures for cycling in Bruges are a little hard to come by, but from this Fietsberaad document [pdf], cycling in the city seems to form between 15-20% of all trips. It’s certainly the most ‘Dutch’ place I’ve visited outside of the Netherlands, … Continue reading

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At the Leeds Cycle City Expo, the keynote speech was given by Robert Goodwill, the Under Secretary of State for Transport, with special responsibility for cycling. It was full of pleasant soundbites and encouraging noises, but when he had to depart … Continue reading

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