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Time for Sustainable Safety on Britain’s roads

*PLEASE SIGN THE PETITION* As I’m sure most of you already know, the Department for Transport recently made a decision to increase the speed limit for HGVs on single carriageway roads in Britain to 50mph. One of the arguments made for this … Continue reading

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Dual network strikes again

Yesterday Transport for London announced their plans for Elephant & Castle, which had been out to consultation earlier in the year. There are some good elements here, but there’s a worrying amount of inconsistency. Attractive conditions for cycling aren’t continuous … Continue reading

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If people cycling are breaking the law, there’s a problem with the street

In Horsham, there’s a street where people cycling consistently break the law. South Street is a one-way street in the centre of town; stand here for any period of time, particularly in the morning or the evening, and you will see … Continue reading

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A ‘cyclist’ is not a different species; just another human being

Short version – it’s as preposterous to attribute characteristics to ‘cyclists’ as it would be to attribute them to ‘trainists’, ‘busists’, ‘planeists’, ‘tubists’ or ‘pedestrians’. A ‘cyclist’ is just a human being who happens to be travelling by bike, just as a ‘pedestrian’ … Continue reading

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Is it always wrong to take space from footways?

A couple of recent things got me thinking about the question in the title – is it always unacceptable to reallocate footway space, to provide attractive conditions for cycling? The first is this passage from the draft London Cycling Design … Continue reading

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On the buses

A hot topic at the moment is potential conflict between London’s bus network, and an expanding cycle network – one suitable for all potential users. It’s becoming a prominent issue, I suspect, because in the places where cycle provision is … Continue reading

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A difference between Horsham and Farnham

Horsham and Farnham are ostensibly quite similar. Two prosperous towns in the south of England, about 25 miles apart, as the crow flies. Farnham has a population of about 40,000 people; Horsham is slightly larger with a population of 55,000. … Continue reading

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Over the course of the last few years, an area of Horsham – East Street and Market Square – has seen the gradual removal of motor traffic. Five years ago East Street was a conventional ‘road’, with narrow pavements, and, with … Continue reading

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The going rate

I’ve just spotted that Transport for London’s new Draft Cycle Safety Action Plan attempts to pull the same trick that Norman Baker and Mike Penning tried to pull back in 2012. That is, it makes a comparison between cycle safety in London and … Continue reading

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Sustainable safety – the British way

One of the principles of the Dutch approach to road safety – sustainable safety, or duurzaam veiling – is homogeneity. Homogeneity of mass, speed and direction. Roads should be designed to eliminate, as much as possible, mixing road users with large … Continue reading

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