History Repeating

On 18th March 2008, Nga Diep was killed while cycling to work, at the junction of Ilderton Road, and Rotherhithe New Road, in south-east London. She was pressed up against pedestrian railings by a skip lorry, before falling under the wheels. The verdict was accidental death – on the basis that, upon moving away from the lights, the skip lorry driver was not aware of her presence alongside his vehicle.

Almost exactly three years later, a cyclist has been killed, yesterday, at the junction of Tooley Street and Tanner Street, again in south-east London.

From the pictures that have appeared in the press, the collision seems to have taken place on this bend, immediately after the traffic lights, as the road curves left.

The driver involved was arrested, and taken for questioning. I do not wish to prejudge the outcome of any inquest or trial, but, I think, several observations can be made.

As with Nga Diep’s death, a skip lorry is involved, proceeding in the same direction as the cyclist, on a left-hand turn just after some traffic lights. Again, pedestrian railings are present.

The incident occurred barely a mile from where Nga Diep was killed.

Are lessons being learnt?

Here is what happens if you type ‘cyclist’ into Google in the U.K. –

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