4 Responses to Rehabilitating the image of cycling – lawlessness

  1. Paul James says:

    Traffic lights (especially at urban junctions) turn road users into racing drivers blind to everything else than getting through the light. I believe they are one of the biggest causes of dangerous driving in our cities and that they should be replaced where possible with (mini-)roundabouts.

    • stabiliser says:

      Interesting point.

      I understand how drivers race to get through traffic lights, and how these junctions consequently encourage aggressive driving, but I’m not so sure that mini-roundabouts would be any better. Risk-takers will still chance their way on to roundabouts in just the same way that they chance their way through amber and red lights. At the very least, a light signal is more unambiguous than a ‘safe’ gap in traffic on a roundabout!

      Greater enforcement of red light jumping (which should be fairly easy) would undoubtedly tackle a large part of the problem. At present it seems many drivers believe they can get away with it.

  2. Mike Stead says:

    Simple: £1,000 fines for red-light running by cars. Problem solved.

    The counter-argument to anyone saying that cyclists should suffer the same penalties is, “OK, let’s include pedestrians who cross against red cross signals as well then”.

    The high fine recognises that death/serious injury is often the outcome from the practice of running red lights in a car. But almost never, ever the outcome from doing so on a bike or on foot. (and if it is the outcome, it’s the cyclist or pedestrian who dies, not someone else.)

    • stabiliser says:

      Perhaps the fines ought to scale according to the momentum of the vehicle running the red light – that would be a good measure of the potential for damage and injury. £1000 for a car would, I think, translate to around £10 for a bike. Significantly more for HGVs, of course.

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