Car crime vs. knife crime

‘Knife crime’ is, in common usage, the act of threatening , injuring or killing someone with a knife.

‘Car crime’ is, in common usage, the act of threatening , injuring or killing someone with a car stealing a car.

The driver in this video – from Gaz545, aka Croydon Cyclist – threatens, and comes within inches of seriously injuring, a cyclist with his car. But this kind of behaviour is never referred to as ‘car crime’, even though the driver in question is using his car as a weapon in the very much the same way that a knife would be used as a weapon in ‘knife crime’.


To me, the answer lies in the fact that a car is not really considered to be a potentially offensive weapon, even though in the wrong hands (as shown in this video) it can be capable of just as much threat, and possible injury, as a knife. There seems to be a curious disconnect in operation, one that prevents us from seeing the car as something that can be deeply threatening. Instead the car is purely a means of transport that can, on occasion, be operated ‘dangerously’.

I’m not quite sure what offence the driver in this video could be charged with (dangerous driving?) – but I am certain it would be nowhere near as serious as the charge he would be facing if he had waved a knife at a stranger on the street.

That tells me that something is seriously wrong.

Thanks to Joe Dunckley for providing the food for thought behind this post.

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1 Response to Car crime vs. knife crime

  1. livinginabox says:

    Looks like ‘affray’ to me.
    It has the following Aggravating Factors, although IANAL:
    threats, lengthy incident, Presence of vulnerable persons, Weapons.

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