RAC driver helpfully adds realistic road conditions to a Bikeability lesson

My Bikeability class were practising right turns into a junction yesterday, on a reasonably quiet back street.

While we were doing this, an RAC breakdown driver – sensing that the road conditions under which we were performing this manoeuvre were decidedly unrealistic compared to the road environment UK cyclists would ordinarily have to deal with – considerately chose to help us out.

He rolled up to the junction, and then proceeded to park right on the apex, on double yellow lines, and on the pavement – at the most inconvenient point for visibility both into and out of the junction.

Try executing your right turns now, cycling novices!

I am sure that RAC drivers are fully aware what double yellow lines are for, but this employee no doubt made an exception for a Bikeability class, deciding that it was, on balance, better to provide a helpful lesson in what the roads are really like than to keep junctions, and the pavement, clear. (Note also that this driver could have parked, very easily, in the empty parking bay I was standing in when I took this photograph).

Get used to it, learners.

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