Pavement parking in Horsham

Pavement parking is on the rise in Horsham. A few recent examples –

Apparently the very idea that pedestrians might actually want to use these pavements, without having to move out into the road to get around their vehicles, has obviously never occurred to these drivers.

Pavement parking is an insidious menace – the more it occurs, the more unpleasant it becomes to walk, and the more people are inclined to drive. And the more people that are inclined to drive, so the greater likelihood of an increase in pavement parking.

Conversely, if the pavements were actually kept clear of vehicles, the road itself would become more unpleasant to drive on, what with it becoming increasingly clogged with those same vehicles.

But that isn’t happening. So we have a situation in which greater mobility for motor vehicle users is being bought at the expense of pedestrians. It needs stopping.

I can, at least, report that Horsham police are doing their bit to stamp it out.

Horsham District Council are also helping out.

Reasons to be cheerful, then, with the powers that be taking such a rigorous approach to enforcement.

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