A rainy day, and ‘riding gear’

It’s raining today, and the CTC are getting ready for a ‘bike ride’ using ‘riding gear.’

We’re all sitting at our desks in our riding gear ready to go on the annual CTC staff bike ride for BikeWeek, praying it doesn’t rain!

It rained a lot while I was in Utrecht recently. Here are how Dutch people go for ‘bike rides’ in their ‘riding gear’ when it rains –

A roundabout in the rain DSCN9264


I wonder if that’s the same kind of specialized ‘equipment’ the CTC will be using?

(Thanks to Copenhagenize for drawing this to my attention)

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1 Response to A rainy day, and ‘riding gear’

  1. Chris H says:

    I think in the top photo the couple must’ve been blown out of the cycle lane by a gust of wind. I dread to think what would happen in this country when cycling with an umbrella.

    Mind you, I do like how the cycle lane gets priority at the junction! That’s a winner if ever I saw one.

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