David Howard – a lunatic driver who will be back on Horsham’s roads as soon as he is released from prison

From the Sussex Police website

David Howard, 46, from Meadowside Park, Lingfield, Surrey appeared before Guildford Crown Court on Thursday 9 June charged with one count of burglary and one count of dangerous driving. He pleaded guilty and was sentenced to five and half years imprisonment, less three and a half months he had already served whilst on remand. On February 14, Howard broke into a house in Littlehaven Lane, Horsham at around midday and stole jewellery to the value of £2000. He hid the stolen items in a wheelie bin near offices by Horsham railway station and returned a few hours later to collect it. In the mean time a description of his car was given to police by a witness who saw him coming from the burgled house carrying a pillowcase. A police patrol car spotted Howard’s white Mondeo and attempted to stop it. Howard refused to stop for police and was then followed by a police car through Horsham town centre. However, the chase was halted as soon as Howard’s driving became dangerous. He went on to hit three cars and ram a police car, causing minor injuries to the officers.

David Howard has not been banned from driving. As soon as he is released from prison, there is nothing to stop him from returning to Horsham in a car. Consequently, in a few years time, I will have to ‘share the road’, on my bicycle, with a man who has proven himself quite willing to ram other cars, injure police officers, and recklessly endanger the lives of vulnerable road users, all in a pointless bid to escape justice.

Lucky me.

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1 Response to David Howard – a lunatic driver who will be back on Horsham’s roads as soon as he is released from prison

  1. Magnatom says:

    Aye, it is shocking. Driving a car (which I also do) is a privilege not a right. If you show that you are willing to use a car in this manner you should at the VERY least have a long driving ban and be required to take an extended test on return. In some cases lifetime bans are appropriate.

    Can’t see it happening though 😦

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