Some recent London drivers

If they’re not nearly rear-ending a cyclist as they blast through a red light

or they’re not driving an HGV while using a mobile phone

they’re driving with their hands clasped behind their seat, while virtually horizontal.

All videos from the last two days.

It strikes me that drivers like this seem to have no fear of ever getting caught, or no fear of the possible punishments that might result.

Could we have some enforcement please?

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4 Responses to Some recent London drivers

  1. Kim says:

    As part of the Governments cost cutting agenda enforcement of traffic is seen as an expensive luxury. Hence the proposal of handing out the odd fixed penalty notices, so much cheaper that actually catching criminals and taking them to court…

  2. Would be nice if Daily Mail ran a campaign to ticket drivers with as much enthusaism as they go for cyclists.

  3. donk says:

    The last two are depressingly common so much so I’m having difficulty getting worked up by them, but the first is a terrible display of driving, running lights, undertaking, using wrong lane to get round traffic and bullying/intimidating other road users. How wrong do you want to get? Grrr

  4. Guest says:

    Please please look at the latest video from kmcyc – he was assaulted on Wednesday night –

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