Another HGV death

Freewheeler has written a post today reporting the sad news that the cyclist Peter McGreal has died, a week after he was struck by a hit-and-run lorry driver in Bethnal Green. The driver was subsequently arrested on a charge of causing death by careless driving, and bailed until September.

This is, of course, just the latest in a long line of fatalities in London at the hands of HGVs. There are ongoing safety and awareness campaigns – such as Exchanging Places – which are a good thing in their own right. However, I don’t think they are addressing the root problem, which is a hard core of obviously reckless lorry drivers. There are plenty of well-driven lorries on London’s roads, but it’s the minority of lunatics that pose the danger, and I can’t really see safety campaigns affecting the way they drive.

I follow a limited number of helmet camera cyclists on youtube, but in only the last two days, these three dangerous HGV drivers have been captured in London –

The problem is these drivers thinking they can get away with driving like this. They’re not stupid – they probably can.

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1 Response to Another HGV death

  1. Dan Ellis says:

    Tuesday afternoon I watched KX07 YYM with a 40ft Flatbed rig on the back go through a very very clear red light at the corner of City Road/Upper street at 5:45ish. I complained to Robinson Haulage, who proudly display the rig on their webpage, I’ve heard nothing. The rig was huge, the motorbike and I who were first off the lights could easily be under there if we hadn’t been paying attention.

    I somehow think there will be no action and the driver will continue to drive like a complete dick endangering lives throughout London.

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