Car sick (2)

Bristol, yesterday.

I hope there wasn’t someone seriously ill in that ambulance.

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5 Responses to Car sick (2)

  1. Tim Beadle says:

    Bristol: driving city 😦

  2. Nicolas Alpi says:

    It’s right that Bristol is a driving city, but just it’s not usually that bad. This evening was the evening of Bon Jovi concert and the return of Glastonbury. But this is on those evening that I’m even more happier to not have a car any more 🙂

  3. Bloody Hell!

    It really makes me wonder why people still think that the car is still the way to get around city centres.

  4. James Purkiss says:

    Nicely shows some of the most congested routes in the city centre.
    The intriguing thing is why the cyclist didn’t head in a direct line to the destination (well, the place at the end of the videoclip) by heading straight through Castle Park on the segregated traffic-free cyclepath and along Baldwin Street, rather than three sides of a square via St Mary Redcliffe and el Puerto on The Grove. Presumably to illustrate the slow driving speeds, rather than the nicer alternative routes on offer to us cyclists?
    That said, Baldwin Street is one of the useful-but-scary sections of route I often cycle: jammed solid with traffic, and right turners crossing your path into and immediately stopping at the zebra crossing into Queen Charlotte Street.

  5. Ben Hillsdon says:

    Interesting video, hard to believe there could be so much stationary traffic. Bon Jovi is a powerful force!

    A better bike route would be through Castle Park and along the new contraflows on St Nicholas St and Corn St (Clare St).

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