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Car sick

Two videos from youtube user kmcyc, showing East London road conditions last week.  

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How a cyclist’s death is reported in the British media, versus the reality are reporting the trial of a driver who killed a cyclist on the A442 Telford bypass in July last year. Tragically, the cyclist, Arthur Platt – who had recovered from a serious spinal injury which had prevented him from joining … Continue reading

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Why *would* you ride a bike? The UK experience

In my post yesterday on my partner’s first use of a bike in over 20 years, I mentioned how the street she first rode along, Biltstraat, was a busy road, connecting Utrecht’s ring road to the centre of town. I … Continue reading

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“Why wouldn’t you ride a bike?”

My partner has not ridden a bicycle for over 20 years. The reasons for this are manifold, but in essence, they boil down to the roads she would have to use being too unpleasant to ride on, in combination with … Continue reading

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Impressions of Paris

I’m recently back from a short trip to Europe – a few days in Paris, and then a longer period in Utrecht (about which more later). Paris has always struck me – at least on a few previous visits – … Continue reading

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West Sussex County Council member for Highways and Transport, Lionel Barnard, admits that Sussex roads are lethal for children attempting to cycle to school

Lionel Barnard, West Sussex County Council Cabinet member for Highways & Transport I wrote recently about the plight of the villagers of Cowfold. West Sussex County Council is proposing to axe the number 86 bus through the village, which would … Continue reading

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Taxis and congestion

Here are some vehicles causing congestion in central London. Great George Street, queuing to enter Parliament Square. The Mall, queuing to enter Trafalgar Square. I have a couple of questions. Why should these congestion-causing vehicles be exempt from the congestion … Continue reading

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What the average British bicycle used to look like

My grandmother’s BSA Star Rider. Built like a tank. 3 speed Sturmey Archer hub gear. Mud guards. Dynamo lights. Chain cover. A bicycle that is nearly maintenance-free, that you can just jump on and off, in ordinary clothes. Practical, in … Continue reading

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Transport for London, are you listening?

An excellent video from the London Cycling Campaign, which shows precisely how hostile Blackfriars is for vulnerable road users, even with the current speed limit set at 20 mph. Transport for London want to raise that speed limit back to … Continue reading

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Cyclist fatalities due to left-turning lorries

Paula Jurek, a 20-year-old student from Poland, was crushed to death by a left-turning lorry at the junction of Camden Road and St Pancras Way on the 5th of April this year. The lorry driver was arrested on suspicion of … Continue reading

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