Doing the Metropolitan Police’s job for them

I write this post in the interests of tracking down the clearly violent individual shown in the video above.

Although the police were easily able to locate the registered keeper of the car involved, it seems that – by an astonishing coincidence – the car was taken without consent on the day of the incident (the keys apparently being left in the ignition – how careless), before being returned to the owner at a later date.

All the details are at, including the account of the victim.

The attacker is still at large, and the police are not taking any further action – despite having several witnesses, including a bus driver, and video footage of the entire incident. And even the attacker’s first name, which appears to be ‘John’.

This yields a number of intriguing possibilities.

  • A) the registered keeper of the car is the attacker, and the Metropolitan Police are incompetent.
  • B) the registered keeper knows the attacker, but is refusing to name him, hiding behind the story that his car was taken by persons unknown, and then miraculously returned to him.
  • C) the registered keeper does not know the attacker, who is in the peculiar habit of stealing a car with his mates, driving around and assaulting a stranger, before returning the car – undamaged – to its rightful owner.

I think that covers it.

I’d like to believe that A) and C) are not remotely likely (although I’m not ruling out A) just yet), so that leaves B).

As the Police don’t seem remotely willing to press the registered keeper to name the individual in this video, we’ll have to do their job for them.

UPDATEMartin Porter points out that criminals can now escape justice by employing this ‘taken without consent’ excuse. Are number plates effectively pointless?

There is far too much of this going on and it should be taken seriously by the authorities. It seems in London the trail runs cold when the registered keeper says the car was taken without his consent and subsequently returned.

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10 Responses to Doing the Metropolitan Police’s job for them

  1. Joe Dunckley says:

    Alternatively, the number plates on the car are not in the DVLA database. More common than you’d think…

    • The police have traced the owner of the car in this case, so I guess the number plate matches up. The issue seems to be his story that he wasn’t in possession of his car at the time of the assault, and not knowing who was.

  2. KJ56 HGF is indeed registered as a silver Peugeot. It’s a 2006 2 litre diesel. then Vehicle Enquiry

  3. Opus the Poet says:

    Yes, but is it registered to someone named “John” or “Jon”?

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  5. Strangely says:

    Ambiguity seems to be the game. The “John” is John Nicholls who was handed £600 in fines and compensation. He handed himself in, but only after the publicity on the plod then made a statement about how brilliant they were in tracking the bloke down….
    Now John does seem to know the law as was suggested above. His website is now down but the google cache of his about page ( makes interesting reading:

    John Nicholls born on January 14th 1982 in Great Yarmouth.
    Since the age of 12 after having his own horses shod John decided to pursue a carreer in farriery.
    After John left school he then went on to do his A levels where he obtained high scores in Law, History and Maths.
    John then enrolled at Hereford college of technology for an entrance course in Farriery.
    After a successful completion he began his 5 year apprentiship at a small forge in yalding kent.
    He then qualified in the early months of 2004,John has managed to maintain a successful competitive bussiness ever since.

    Spelling wasn’t high on his achievements as my spell-checker now points out! His homepage says:

    Welcome to JJ Farriers official website.
    John Nicholls dip wcf is a farrier with over 10 years experience, covering the south east of england.
    Here you will find a friendly, reliable, competitive service, please feel free to browse my website.

    Notwithstanding the assault conviction flying in the face of his “friendly” self-image, his ambiguous nature is revealed on the WHOIS of his website which misleads, and is illegal by doing so, where his address is! See
    It states him as:

    Domain name:
    John Nicholls
    Registrant type:
    UK Individual
    Registrant’s address:
    DA2 7DJ
    United Kingdom

    …which isn’t very trustworthy, eh? n.b. UK private individuals on a uk domain name can legally hide their identity. Businesses cannot. Nicholls seems to have done the half-way ambiguous thing, presumably because of his high grade Law A-level?

  6. GB says:

    A simple Internet search shows a John Nicholls, farrier, at address: 30 Edwin Rd, Dartford, Kent, DA2 7DJ. Quite a piece of work. He must live a very nervous life these days.

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