3 Responses to Supermarkets and Transport for London – conspiring to stop people shopping on foot or by bike?

  1. They really make it difficult, don’t they. Helping people cross the road is certainly a good start. They then need to start inviting bikes into shopping centres.

  2. Kim says:

    We all need to make an effort to point out to the Supermarkets that cyclist are actually valuable customers and providing cycle parking is in their interests!

  3. To be fair to retailers, and I speak from being a retail journalist, most new build supermarkets, or out of town retail parks (in London or elsewhere) do build cycling parking into their facilities. I do my shop on a bike and havn’t found a problem parking up with cycling specific facilities in the 15 plus supermarket or convenience locations I can visit in my local area.

    Older stores may require planning permission to put up cycling stands.

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