LCC’s curious image choice

The London Cycling Campaign members have voted to ‘Go Dutch‘ as their campaigning strategy for the London 2012 Mayoral elections, this option winning an outright majority of the votes.

What I find rather interesting, in retrospect, are the images that the LCC used to illustrate the four campaigning strategy options on their website. Here is the image for Option 1 – Cycling to School –

Plenty of excitable kids on bikes. No surprises there.

Option 2 – Neigbourhoods –

A quiet street with two cyclists on it. Good idea.

Option 3 – Gyratories

A rather scary-looking roundabout, with a female cyclist trying to get around it.

Finally, Option 4 – Go Dutch –

Err… no cyclists at all – in fact the only image, of the four, that doesn’t show any. And top top it off, a pedestrian walking in the cycle path.

Is this really the best image LCC could come up with to represent ‘Going Dutch?’ Here’s an alternative photo I took, that they could have used, free of charge.


Some actual ‘Going Dutch.’

I’m not the only one who has noticed how tepid LCC have been on this issue, both before and after the vote. David Arditti has observed how the wording – extremely vague from the outset – has been changed, after the vote, from clear space for cycling to just space for cycling, also pointing out that Tom Bogdanowicz

notably both fails to clarify the obtuse “clear spaces” message, and dilutes or further obfuscates it by mentioning a number of other unrelated campaign objectives in the same paragraph – almost as if he were wishing he did not now have to campaign on “clear space for cycling on main roads in every borough”, but could go back to the easier stuff about cycle parking.

The ‘Going Dutch’ option was listed at the bottom of the four, and illustrated with a photograph that doesn’t exactly sell it as attractive. In fact, quite the opposite.

It couldn’t be that the LCC leadership aren’t really that interested, despite what their members voted?

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3 Responses to LCC’s curious image choice

  1. All has indeed been poorly chosen. Let’s see if I can make a few waves about that when I host LCC on their fact-finding trip in Amsterdam/Rotterdam next week. I do hope its leadership is coming along for the ride.

  2. Todd Edelman says:

    1 – Lovely kids — OK, for some reason they were given non-mandatory helmets BUT one or more are adjusted horribly so just for that formal reason it should be rejected.

    2 – Those people in hi-viz don’t seem too relaxed. Not familiar with that street, but those people seem to be speedily commuting to work. Why do they have to do that a small street? Isn’t an arterial street faster? Well, sure, but it’s more dangerous because it has nothing or some blue paint. So this one is totally missing two points.

    3 – It is clear that they want to show a scary scene here, but what does this have to do with one-way systems? Properly designed one-way roundabouts with separated ways for bikes are great for speeding flow. They feel safe and are safe. So the text should be “Do roundabouts have to be so dangerous?”. The answer is no.

    4 – This is obvious nonsense. With all respect to our Iberian cousins, the text should read “Go Catalan!?”. The following real photo addresses the main hobgoblin: A two-way path, narrow enough to make sure no one can pass and cargo bikes can side swipe each other. So this is really the photo that exemplifies the one-way system danger, yes? OK.

    The graphics and general look are good, but there is a huge pothole – or whatever you call it there – in the part of someone’s brain which both stores and categorizes best practice and utilizes it to carry forth a… strategy. Hmm… Marc, maybe you could – in a good natured way – use these photos as a means to introduce better way to solve things they seem to be trying to solve, or what their members voted for. I assume you will be visiting other places than the capital.

  3. Jemma says:

    Your post made me laugh! I’m sure it wouldn’t have been hard to have the photographer for the last picture visit the cycle lane at rush hour!!

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