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Stone Age Steyning

You may or may not be aware of a piece I wrote in June about the possibility of 20 mph speed limits coming to Horsham. Vainly googling today to see whether this had progressed from a councillor idly mooting the … Continue reading

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The BBC are still having trouble with their language

In June, following the conviction of a driver who killed a cyclist by ploughing into him while rummaging in his footwell for a dropped satnav, I noted how the BBC chose to report the death, at the time. A charity … Continue reading

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Transport for London – Selling Cycling By Deception

Inspired by Freewheeler’s recent experience of Transport for London cycling propaganda, I decided to take a closer look at one of their adverts, one featuring Edith Bowman. This advert dates from last year, and is designed to promote the Cycle … Continue reading

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The sick farce of concurrent driving bans

The story of the police officer who, sent flying through the air by the driver of a stolen car, immediately got to his feet to pursue and arrest said driver, has made the national news this week. The police officer, … Continue reading

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‘Taking the lane’

The Guardian have a piece up on their bike blog addressing the awkward question of ‘primary position’ – a topic I have previously addressed here and here. In both my pieces, I accepted that assertive road positioning is, in general, the … Continue reading

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