Friday Facility – No.1, Trent Close, Crawley

The first in a regular Friday feature, detailing pisspoor cycling infrastructure where I live. Hopefully it will be worth a good chuckle, if nothing else.

Here we see a half-decent shared use path – which provides a shortcut across a park -being abruptly terminated, just as it meets a quiet residential road. Just in case any person on a bicycle might actually want to continue cycling on to the road itself, the local council have helpfully decided to stop such nonsense by the quintuple-whammy of

  • The ubiquitous ‘CYCLISTS DISMOUNT’ sign
  • ‘END’ painted on the path
  • Barriers contructed across the path
  • No path leading directly on to the road
  • Unrestricted car parking, where the path would naturally emerge

To me, this is clear evidence that West Sussex County Council do not have a clue. They do not know what it should be like to ride a bicycle as a means of urban transport. They think bicycles are just a ‘leisure’ activity, and that it therefore doesn’t matter when you put ill-thought-out impediments in their way, like in this example.

Well, crap like this has got to stop. Cycling will remain nothing more than a leisure activity if cycle infrastructure continues to be built like this.

This doesn’t have to be about whether you think cycle paths are generally a good idea or not – whatever your perspective, this one is actually rather useful, giving cyclists a quiet, shortcut route across a park. It’s about getting it done properly, rather than without any thought or consideration.

This is why I am attending the launch of the Cycling Embassy of Great Britain, tomorrow. I hope you can make it too.

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One Response to Friday Facility – No.1, Trent Close, Crawley

  1. Andrew L says:

    I’d forgotten about this gem, and I only live around the corner from it. Earlier this summer my wife and I cycled down here with the kids on a ride towards Horsham (which incidentally is only about 7 miles away, but without a single complete safe cycling link). Even my wife, who doesn’t get as annoyed about is kind of thing as I do, cycled around the car parking area looking for a drop down kerb or unblocked access to the cycle path before giving up in exasperation. I look at this and think, WSCC really hates us.

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