Friday Facility – no.2, North Street, Horsham

Never mind the quality, feel the width.


This excellent facility runs from a shared-use overbridge that connects directly into Horsham town centre, to… nowhere in particular. It runs alongside North Street in Horsham, towards the railway station, for about a hundred yards, and then dribbles to a stop.

The start. Behind me is the overbridge.


Notice that the path does not continue across the road I am standing on; it yields to this road entrance –


which as you can see is not in the greatest demand. Incidentally, the building in the background is the headquarters of West Sussex County Council. The next give way –


This time it is for the staff car park of a small Chinese restaurant – about four spaces in here.


Definitely the sort of thing cyclists should be yielding to. Another give way –


for this tiny road, that goes nowhere –


and has only three small parking spaces at the end –


The path then comes to an end, to be replaced by bushes.


The red brick building on the right is Horsham District Council’s headquarters. So this offensively poor crap lies right on the doorstep of both local and county councils.

Look how much space there is here to have done this properly – the view northwards, to the station –


and southbound, parallel to the existing path –




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1 Response to Friday Facility – no.2, North Street, Horsham

  1. livinginabox says:

    It’s not difficult to imagine that if car and cycle infrastructure were swapped overnight, that car use would plummet almost instantly and inexorably to around zero. Plus people would be happier, fitter and a little wealthier. Also, I suspect, that no-one in their right mind would suggest replacing bicycles with nasty, dangerous, noisy, polluting and expensive cars.
    The omnipresent roar of traffic, air-pollution, congestion, mass-death and road rage would be replaced by the near silent tinkle of bells, the faint rattle of mudguards and the clicking of free-wheels.

    Boy, have we got a lot to learn.

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