Friday Facility No.5 – Springfield Road, Horsham

In which an initially promising idea – a kerb-separated contraflow cycle lane – disintegrates into a confusing mess in the space of a few yards.


The entrance. So far so good. We can turn left here, but motor vehicles can’t.


We are also separated by a kerb from oncoming vehicles coming out of (the one-way) Springfield Road.


Things start to go wrong. A kerb stops our progress, and we have to take an impossibly tight turn to cross to the other side, yielding to motor vehicles.


Does the route end, or continue? There are some hieroglyphs on the opposite pavement, but what they signify is anyone’s guess.


Mmm. Two cyclists attempting to use this facility in opposite directions would surely make for some Three Stooges-style hilarity.


Is this is a shared use pavement? Is it not? Who knows. Probably best just to give up.

As this is a one-way road for cars, it is rather baffling why the carriageway is so wide here. There’s plenty of space for a proper solution (see below for a Dutch one-way street, with two-way flow for bikes) yet all we get is needless conflict with motor vehicles and pedestrians, and daubings of paint that are impossible to negotiate.


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3 Responses to Friday Facility No.5 – Springfield Road, Horsham

  1. Jim Davis says:

    I could write at length about West Sussex County Council as you well know with their deeply car-centric policies and draconian attitiudes, but I think a pure and simple, ‘Oh for fucks sake!’ is sufficient in this instance.

    • It would be less offensive if they didn’t bother at all. What they build is so hopeless and half-arsed it makes it even more obvious they just don’t care.

      • Oh, West Sussex County Council do care. The problem is that they only care about maximising motor traffic, so they hate people who ride bicycles, especially the happy ones. This scheme probably deliberately encourages cyclists to ride on pavements, to maximise complaints about cyclists from pedestrians.

        This sort of thing would be hilarious (who on EARTH thought this was a sensible design!) if it wasn’t such a depressingly counter-productive waste of tax-payer’s money

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