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The winds of change?

Over the last week, I’ve spotted something rather strange happening in Horsham. A Dutch invasion. A practical Batavus. An ancient Gazelle. A child’s Batavus. But the invasion isn’t limited to Dutch bicycles – some British bicycles are getting in on … Continue reading

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A visit to Horsham police station

A wonderful example of the hostility of the UK urban environment to people making journeys on foot or by bike is provided by Horsham police station, where I unfortunately had to make a journey recently, to report an accident in … Continue reading

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Pining for The Netherlands

Almost by accident, I ended up making three trips to The Netherlands this year. Not going back until next spring at the earliest, I’m starting to get withdrawal symptoms. I’ve consoled myself with this small compilation video, of pictures taken … Continue reading

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Friday Facility no.8 – Wellesley Road, Croydon

The short cycle lane on Wellesley Road in Croydon is possibly one of the worst, and most dangerous, facilities I have encountered. It’s extraordinarily negligent and thoughtless, even by the standards of the mindless crap that gets put on our … Continue reading

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‘Sharing space’ on Exhibition Road

‘Give way to pedestrians.’ I thought signs like this would be superfluous with the fancy new street layout, which we were told would intrinsically suggest to drivers that they are moving through a pedestrian priority area. But evidently this isn’t … Continue reading

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A fatality map of Horsham

I’ve taken the opportunity today to have a look at the road casualty map produced by ITO World, which maps all the UK road casualties since 2000. It’s an excellent, if eye-opening, application. Below is a screenshot of the map … Continue reading

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Friday Facility no.7 – Battlebridge Lane, Redhill

As we approach the large junction between Battlebridge Lane and Ormside Way/New Battlebridge Lane in Redhill, we are directed onto the pavement, where we meet other cyclists simultaneously being directed onto the road, from the pavement – from both directions. … Continue reading

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‘Careless’ driving

From the Daily Mail – A ‘callous’ barmaid hatched a cover story with her uninsured boyfriend to ‘save their own skins’ moments after he killed a cyclist in her car. Lauren Mellish, 22, was in the vehicle with Alex Dexter, … Continue reading

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Giving cyclists a bad name

Picture courtesy of You may remember this story from last year. An Iraqi Kurd whose initial claim for asylum in the UK had been turned down was allowed to stay because immigration judges in Manchester ruled that, as he … Continue reading

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Kulveer Ranger on BBC Radio London, and how safety is not a priority for the Mayor

The Mayor’s Director of Environment and Cycling Kulveer Ranger appeared on Vanessa Feltz’s BBC Radio London show this morning. Below is a transcript – VF – Let me go straight to Kulveer Ranger. He’s director of environment at the Mayor’s … Continue reading

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