Friday Facility no.7 – Battlebridge Lane, Redhill

As we approach the large junction between Battlebridge Lane and Ormside Way/New Battlebridge Lane in Redhill, we are directed onto the pavement, where we meet other cyclists simultaneously being directed onto the road, from the pavement – from both directions.

What physicists might call a singularity of cyclists.

Of course, we can see on Google Streetview that there just isn’t the space to implement a proper cycling facility at this location.

This junction was constructed just over five years ago. Clearly proper provision for cyclists was inconceivable.

(I’m not surprised cyclists might want to leap onto the pavement at this location, by the way, given the extraordinary rate at which ‘accidents’ occur here.)

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2 Responses to Friday Facility no.7 – Battlebridge Lane, Redhill

  1. Pftt! Just another cyclist blog expecting hard-pressed councils to bend over backwards to accommodate tax-dodging scofflaw Lycra louts where there just isn’t room.

  2. Looking at that I thought Redhill must be in West Sussex (the county that hates cyclists the most?) but I was surprised to find that it’s in Surrey!

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