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Friday Facility no.10 – Ampton Street, Camden

The segregated cycle track along Tavistock Place in Camden often gets a lot of attention – it’s one of the few examples of separated provision for cyclists in London of any length. It is not adequate in width, nor is … Continue reading

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The Association Of British Drivers

On Tuesday morning, Malcolm Heymer, of the Association of British Drivers, was a witness at the House Of Commons Transport Select Committee, discussing ‘Road Safety’. You can hear the whole session here, if you choose to, but I have transcribed … Continue reading

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Road safety update

Some ‘road safety’ news from the last few days – In Sussex – A 61-year-old man has sadly died from injuries sustained when he collided with a white Ford Focus on the eastbound carriageway of the A27 at Chichester, between … Continue reading

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The Evening Standard disappears up its own fundament

On 18th January, Michael Howie and Jonathan Prynn of the Evening Standard wrote a piece about the alleged swiftness with which Westminster Council were converting single yellow lines around junctions in their borough to double yellows; their purpose, apparently, to hint … Continue reading

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A correction

In my post last week about shared space, I made the assertion that Simon Legg was apparently in favour of a ‘shared space’ solution on Euston Road – the A501 – based on a comment of his that appeared to … Continue reading

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A spot of road rage

Vehicular aggression being quite topical right now – Sharne Warne’s decision to drive into a cyclist being most notable, while Dr. C has also suffered recently, and Martin Porter has finally secured a conviction for his aggressive abuser – I … Continue reading

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In no hurry to get there

A short clip from the 1947 film The Bishop’s Wife, starring Cary Grant, David Niven and Loretta Young. In this scene, Sylvester the taxi driver (James Gleason) identifies ‘the main trouble with this country’ – There are too many people … Continue reading

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Blackfriars – redesigned for pedestrians

Much of the talk from Transport for London around the time of last summer’s protest on Blackfriars Bridge – a protest that centred on the failure to keep a lower 20 mph speed limit through the junction, and to design … Continue reading

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An ‘inexperienced’ driver

A commenter, Mark, draws my attention to another story from the ‘any excuse will do’ file. As he says, this one is closer to home – AN INEXPERIENCED driver knocked a cyclist off his bike after a “momentary misjudgement”. Susan Maries, … Continue reading

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Cycling in Holland

A video showing some cycling in Holland. Holland Road, that is – in London W14. As you can see, the road is aptly named, given that its conditions for cycling match up so perfectly with the Dutch model. It took … Continue reading

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