A small bit of Groningen, in Horsham – some good news

I wrote last year about the difficulties involved in getting to a couple of stations in West Sussex – Three Bridges, and Horsham – by bicycle and by foot. Horsham station is currently being redeveloped, with the western forecourt of the station being extended. Unfortunately, as I mentioned at the time, despite the opportunity for change, no alterations are being made to the unpleasant road layout on this side of the station.

But credit where credit is due – some new cycle stands were promised as part of the redevelopment, and they have duly arrived. They are rather good, as you can see in this picture below.

54 spaces here, at the eastern (rear) side of the station. The great majority are being used. Having spoken to the station manager on duty, similar parking will arrive at the front of the station as the redevelopment progresses. Both he and I agreed on the need for these stands – up until last year, I could not have been guaranteed a place to lock my bike, whereas I can now turn up to this rear entrance with some certainty of finding a spot. Previously, there were only about ten or so sheffield stands, which were nearly always full. Remarkably, before those stands arrived, there were no cycle stands at all on this side of the station – I had to resort to chaining my bicycle to the fence. Indeed, you can see this state of affairs in the pictures below, taken from Transport Initiatives’ Cycle Review of Horsham, carried out by Mark Strong, showing both the lack of stands, and the subsequent (now removed and replaced) covered Sheffield stands –

No cycle stands at all, only a few years ago. So this is valuable progress. I have noticed that the design of this new double-tiered parking is pleasingly identical to that used in the (rather enormous) parking at Groningen station –


So, in this regard at least, Horsham matches Groningen. I will be writing to the council, and Southern, to express my thanks.

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3 Responses to A small bit of Groningen, in Horsham – some good news

  1. hopefully won’t end up like many central london stations, with the extensive (and expensive) double deck stands taken up by abandoned cycles 🙂

    • The parking at Groningen is computerised, with bicycles left there for more than two weeks (I think) being instantly removed… Hopefully there will be some ‘human’ monitoring at Horsham.

  2. Cool, they’ve put the same kind of stands in at Haywards Heath. They are lit in the evening as well I saw when coming back from my folks at Xmas.

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