A spot of road rage

Vehicular aggression being quite topical right now – Sharne Warne’s decision to drive into a cyclist being most notable, while Dr. C has also suffered recently, and Martin Porter has finally secured a conviction for his aggressive abuser – I thought I’d share a reasonably mild incident from last week with you –

The driver of P694 YGK was evidently infuriated by my decision to cycle past the dustcart, when I should have been ‘over to the left’, and therefore not ‘in his way’ for the  microsecond before he slowed to make his right turn.

The impossibility of my being ‘over to the left’ while passing a large vehicle did not seem to occur to him.

Driving a motor vehicle seems to affect some people’s judgement in curious ways.

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3 Responses to A spot of road rage

  1. “Driving a motor vehicle seems to affect some people’s judgement in curious ways.” so true, my own included (I can feel my personality changing sometimes when I drive, into a not-very-nice over-competitive and aggressive person).

    I suspect it’s the “power corrupts” thing, given that a human being normally has just a few hundred watts at their disposal, but a car gives them a hundred thousand watts to play with. Perhaps coupled with a sub-conscious “I could actually kill someone doing this” when around cyclists and pedestrians. I’d love to see someone doing some serious research into why people change their whole personality when behind the driving wheel of a motor vehicle.

  2. Hannah says:

    I had almost exactly the same thing this morning. Moving away from a junction, the cyclists occupied almost the entire bus lane; there were perhaps 15 of us. The bus behind us beeped impatiently, and tried to overtake those of us closer to the left. It then IMMEDIATELY indicated left to pull into the bus stop which is just the other side of the junction (which is not very wide), meaning me and one other cyclist had to stop to avoid being squashed, and then pull round the back of it. He shook his head, I gave the driver a thumbs up. Honestly, what a moron.

    • Hannah says:

      To be clear, the thumbs up was notably sarcastic in nature. I am just not going to be driven to making rude gestures to people, no mater how much they deserve them.


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