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Misconceptions, and context – A View From The Cycle Path disappears

David Hembrow has deleted his blog, A View From The Cycle Path. David is, of course, perfectly at liberty to do what he wants with his website, and I can understand entirely the reasons he has given for doing so, which … Continue reading

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Taking your life in your hands – David Cameron’s response to the Times’ Cities Fit for Cycling campaign

I’m grateful to the Youtube user who has uploaded this video of David Cameron’s response, in Prime Minister’s Questions today, to Julian Huppert’s question on the Times’ Cities Fit For Cycling campaign, and on the issue of cycle promotion generally. … Continue reading

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Junction design for bicycles – keeping people safe, without mirrors or sensors

Paul James has done an excellent job fashioning London Cycling’s ‘Dutch’ redesign for Parliament Square – into something that is actually Dutch, rather than a bit of a compromise – I must stress that I am supportive of the London … Continue reading

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Should some people ever be allowed to drive again?

People like Robert Freeman, for instance. From the West Sussex County Times (story not online) – Horsham driver jailed for mowing down two soldiers A Horsham man has been jailed after mowing down two off-duty servicemen in his Land Rover. … Continue reading

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Grant Shapps and the death of Hatfield

Grant Shapps, Minister for Housing and Local Government, speaking during the Future of Town Centres and High Streets debate in the House of Commons on the 17th January 2012 – As I am speaking in this debate, it would be remiss of … Continue reading

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How you know when there’s something a bit wrong with your transport and planning policies

When people choose to travel 50 miles to do their shopping. From Horsham’s The Resident newspaper – “I only really come to Swan Walk [Horsham’s shopping centre] to go to M&S. I go to Bluewater if I want to go shopping. The … Continue reading

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Taxes and fines

Last weekend’s Sunday Times poses the question Are drivers being used as a cash cow? with reference to the government’s proposal to increase the standard motoring penalty charge from £60 to £100. Given – for instance – the substantial danger … Continue reading

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Inanimate object strikes again

This post is rather supplementary to my previous one, as it provides another instance of an inanimate object being party to a collision – indeed, in this case, it even appears to be responsible. Bollard to blame for recent Wimbledon … Continue reading

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A collision involving a car and a tree

From the West Sussex Gazette – Wisborough Green tree collision EMERGENCY services were called to Wisborough Green after a collision involving a car and a tree on Tuesday January 31. Firefighters attended the scene in Newpound Common at 12.42pm. The man had … Continue reading

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