7 Responses to ‘As a group’ – James Cracknell, and confusion about bicycle users’ responsibilities

  1. I find it hard to take what Mr cracknell is saying because on his own blog he says he has no agenda and that he is not paid to say anything, everything he says is to save my life apparenty. Yet he is sponsored by alpina helmets. As is often the case for helmets , the loudest advocates often have a vested financial interest.

  2. monchberter says:

    The best head protection you can get is to get some training! Prevention is better than protection!

  3. I’ve pointed out when people have no lights, dim lights, or obscured lights. I’ve advised people not to undertake long vehicles, or cars indicating left.

    Whether someone wears a helmet or not is none of my bloody business though. (I wear one, I’ve yet to have an off in which one’s even been scratched though. (Out of two motor vehicle involved collisions, one slip on spilt diesel, one avoidance of a cat)).

  4. I often find that trying to offer any kind of “advice” to some people will just get you yelled at. I’ve had a go at a few RLJers, mainly ones who have had very near misses with cars or peds and whilst I may just comment “Well you could have stopped” I’ll invariably get meet with swearing….

    Like JtM I’ll also comment to fellow riders on dim and blocked lights as I appreciate rear lights aren’t the easiest to spot and last Friday I even told a driver their rear lights had completely failed (only brake lights working!). The driver was very thankful and the way I looked at it was that other drivers can’t easily tell him so I’m in an ideal position (as he didn’t manage to lose me that well over a 1 1/2 mile stretch, who said bikes are slow? ;-))

    Back to James comments tho and I do have to admit that I did get a bit of an un-easy feel reading them, understandably he’s going to be advocating them given his accident, but as you say I don’t think he can say for certain it saved his life. I also get a little annoyed by the various references to earphoned riders. I’m not one to ride listening to music and appreciate we should use all our senses but why doesn’t anyone expect cars drivers to use their ears? They are already at a disadvantage to cyclists as they are invariably enclosed in a metal box but if you then add a stereo at a high volume level they may even struggle to hear emergency sirens!

  5. Har Davids says:

    As an experienced, Dutch cyclist I can only state that helmets won’t enhance your safety; last time I was in London I didn’t have the courage to ride my friend’s bike and neither did he. Life, and traffic, is about give and take and on the UK roads there’s not much of that going on, it seems. And I don’t feel responsible for people who should know better, but prefer to act like morons. If politicians are as serious as most claim to be about the environment, our health and the need to fight obesity, they should put some of the money that’s wasted on more asphalt for cars on cycle-infrastructure. As soon as that happens, you might see people getting out of their cars.

  6. Kim says:

    As I have pointed out else where, Mr Cracknell need to come clean about his relationship with Merida/Alpina, he need to tell us if he is been paid to promote Alpina cycle helmets. Honesty is always the wisest course.

  7. Barnie says:

    Having recently moved office in London to somewhere with a great many more Boris bikes and their users, it stuck me that car drivers ( London ones at least ), have no choice but to accept helmet-less riders.

    “As a group need to ensure we’re riding safely/sensibly before we expect other road users to do the same.”

    Nope. I most definately expect those choosing to use the more dangerous modes of transport to take responsibilty for themselves, their choice and their actions.

    ‘You cyclists, you never stop at lights’ … “I’m sure you will have your own examples”

    Pedestrian Crossing turns red.
    A 60-ish yr old women starts to cross quite slowly ( due to ability ).
    I’m quite some distance away so immediately slow down so that I won’t have to stop before she’s crossed and the light has changed.
    She watches me.
    She walks more and more slowly ( no longer ability limited, just… weird? ), continually watching me.
    So I cycle/coast more and more slowly towards the stop line, to allow her time to cross, still quite a distance from the stop line.
    Eventually I’m coasting about as slowly as is comfortably easy, still about 2m from the stop line, just about to unclip and stop.
    She steps on the pavement
    At the same instant the light changes to green.
    I cycle on ( from about 2m short of the stop line )
    “You’re supposed to wait for the light” she said angrily.
    “I did” I replied, somewhat amused and confused as to WTF had been going through her head.

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