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Two petrol stations in Francis Maude’s constituency

The ‘stock up, but don’t panic’ message appears to be working a treat.

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Right and wrong ways to keep our streets lively

My local paper, the West Sussex County Times, have reported an apparent proposal to reintroduce motor traffic to a pedestrianised street in Horsham – West Street. They write – Could traffic be brought back into pedestrianised West Street? Should traffic … Continue reading

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Helmets in cars, helmets on bicycles

An inquest has recently been held at Worthing Magistrates’ Court into the death of Toby Woolford, a young man from Horsham, who died when his car collided with an HGV on the A27 near Arundel station. Drivers speak of fatal … Continue reading

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My great great grandfather, genetics and environment

My great great grandfather, posing on his tricycle. And with his dog. I think this photograph dates from the 1920s. If you look closely, you can see that he has no right leg, below the knee. He lost this part … Continue reading

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East Street, Horsham – A ‘shared space’ becomes closed to motor vehicles

I have written, on a number of previous occasions, about East Street in Horsham. This busy, narrow street in the centre of the town was converted into a ‘shared space’ scheme over the course of 2010. Much of the background … Continue reading

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Going Dutch in Strasbourg

I have recently spent a short amount of time in two French cities, Strasbourg and Paris. Although only about two hours apart by train, the two places are of a very different character. A large part of this is due, … Continue reading

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Friday Facility no.11 – Furneaux Walk, Horsham

As Joe Dunckley has noted in a recent post, The Department for Transport’s Local Transport Note 2/08, Cycle Infrastructure Design, is a curiously muddled-headed document when it comes to off-carriageway provision. While ostensibly a prescriptive document, one that should tell us how … Continue reading

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The story of Roderick Chaffin-Laird

Roderick Chaffin-Laird is a man who has just had his ten-year driving ban reduced to seven years, because he has apparently been offered a ‘prospective’ new job, once he is released from prison; a job for which he apparently has … Continue reading

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How to foster healthier lifestyles in Horsham

I draw your attention to a letter published in the West Sussex County Times of the 2nd February, 2012, which makes reference to the proposed increase in parking charges in Horsham, specifically at the Hurst Road car park, which lies … Continue reading

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‘There is not the width available’

Like the villain in a bad horror film, the myth that ‘our roads are just too narrow’ for Dutch-style cycling infrastructure refuses to die, despite repeated attempts to kill it off. Here it is, spawning again. Having his [Hembrow’s] way is … Continue reading

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