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Vanishing point

My undoubted highlight of Saturday’s Big Ride in London was entering Piccadilly from Hyde Park Corner and seeing, for the first time, the full extent of the protest. As one of the last to set off, and having been waiting … Continue reading

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Letter of the week

This one published in The Times, of all places, yesterday. Sir, It is sad that it should take the serious injury of a Times staff member to trigger a nationwide safety campaign targeting roads, roundabouts and junctions. But cyclists themselves … Continue reading

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Those baffling and misleading comments on Dutch cycle safety from Penning and Baker, in full

From today’s House of Commons Transport Committee on Cycling Safety. You can listen to this guff yourself, if you wish, at about the 11:56 mark. Ellman [chair]– Can we learn anything on safe cycling from countries such as the Netherlands … Continue reading

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A cyclised city is a civilised city

Boris Johnson, 2008 – I have long held the view that a cyclised city is a civilised city; but if we are to get more Londoners onto two wheels rather than four we need to provide the facilities to help … Continue reading

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Revisiting the past

Joe Dunckley has been doing a lot of history recently. In a similar vein, I found this extract from a new paper by Colin Pooley (one of the authors of the Understanding Walking and Cycling report) fascinating and depressing in … Continue reading

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What is pedestrian guardrail for?

A tragic story from Rhos-on-Sea in North Wales. A PENSIONER was killed and another woman left seriously injured after a car hit two pedestrians. The crash happened in Rhos-on-Sea, when the car mounted the pavement and struck the two women outside … Continue reading

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Dangerous vs. Careless

Martin Porter, who blogs at The Cycling Silk, has recently mentioned the case of Karl Austin, the time-trialling cyclist who was killed on a dual carriageway in Derbyshire in June last year when he was struck from behind by an … Continue reading

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When helmet advocacy gets really, really silly

A story from Kelowna, in the Central Okanagan, British Columbia, Canada – RCMP gearing up for bicycle safety blitz A warning to Kelowna bicyclists. Kelowna RCMP is getting ready to do a blitz in the downtown for unsafe bicycling practices. Constable Kris … Continue reading

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Crossing the road

Some good news – eventually – in Horsham. THE STAFF, parents, governors and children at Leechpool Primary School are having a triple celebration after winning their six-year battle for a pedestrian crossing and successfully passing two inspections. The Horsham school’s … Continue reading

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