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‘Do not base policies about cycling on the views of existing committed cyclists’

Some of you will no doubt remember the advice – quoted in the headline of this post – of the 2011 Understanding Walking and Cycling Report [pdf]. do not base policies about cycling on the views and experiences of existing committed cyclists. … Continue reading

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More on bus stop bypasses

A couple of weeks ago, Transport Xtra magazine received a letter on the subject of ‘bus stop bypasses’ – specifically related to Transport for London’s plans to run the cycle tracks they are proposing on Stratford High Street behind a … Continue reading

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Lessons from Exhibition Road

This post has been mouldering in my drafts folder for several months as I pondered the relevance of banging on about Exhibition Road, and shared space, once again, but it’s probably worth releasing, even if much of what I say … Continue reading

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Be careful what you wish for

The other week I got into some online discussion (I shouldn’t have, but it happened) with a handful of people who were in favour of mandatory helmet laws – laws which would make it compulsory to wear a helmet whenever … Continue reading

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Could this be the best cycling scheme in the UK?

Amidst all the attention being drawn by the extension to Superhighway 2 along Stratford High Street, announced on Monday, I thought I’d write about another consultation in London, one which closes this Friday – the changes to Royal College Street in … Continue reading

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Being unable to park a car directly outside a shop is not ‘segregation’

More on the ongoing saga of East Street in Horsham. I wrote back in October about opposition to the pedestrianisation of this increasingly popular and thriving street in the town centre during the main hours of the day. That article … Continue reading

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What’s happening on the TLRN?

Andrew Gilligan had a blog post on the Telegraph site yesterday headlined ‘Cycling growth in London tails off’, in which he argues that The latest figures for cycling levels on the Transport for London Route Network (TLRN), London’s TfL-controlled main … Continue reading

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