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The troubling attitude behind the “Nice Way Code”

A few weeks ago the The Times covered the thoughts of Richard Allchin – Bradley Wiggins’s former manager has urged cyclists not to jump red lights and to respect the rules of the roads, adding that motorists will only stop … Continue reading

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Skyrides, and suppressed demand

Going on a Skyride is a curious experience for someone interested in increasing the use of bicycles as a mode of transport; both uplifting and dispiriting in equal measure. It’s uplifting, because seeing thousands of ordinary people out on bikes … Continue reading

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They’re much better behaved on the continent, aren’t they?

A common refrain from British cycling campaigners is that continental drivers respect and understand cyclists – that there is better behaviour towards people cycling, and general courtesy and civility amongst road users. This is either attributed to ‘culture’, or to … Continue reading

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Leon Daniels and ‘knee-jerk reactions’

In the wake of the latest cycling death in London, the head of Transport for London’s Surface Transport, Leon Daniels, told BBC News I think it’s very important we don’t have too much of a knee jerk reaction. Of course, … Continue reading

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Make the public wear stab-proof vests and chainmail, says Mr Loophole

A lawyer famous for defending people who wave knives about dangerously in public has called for the the wearing of stab-proof vests and chainmail to be made compulsory. The lawyer, known as Mr Loophole – who has earned a reputation for … Continue reading

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‘It is not just my fault’

The remarkable story of how a driver ‘lost control’, and careered the wrong way up a one-way system, injuring three people, because… someone on a bike shouted at him. A driver whose car mowed down pedestrians and smashed into a … Continue reading

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Stop thinking about ‘cyclists’, start thinking about people on bikes

I attended the City of London’s Cycling Forum last week, where the main items of discussion were the proposed plans for the Aldgate gyratory, and the City’s plans for cycle routes in the City of London. As it turned out, … Continue reading

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The issue of black crime

Imagine if a black politician tweeted the following – We can be our own worse enemy. A black man on Kentish Town Road just robbed a shop. This tweet is then challenged by several followers, who point out that the … Continue reading

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Where are Britain’s practical bikes?

One of the many impressions from my recent trip to the Netherlands is how everybody rides pretty much the same bike. This is the basic – and pretty indestructible – classic Dutch bike. It’s either single speed, or has hub … Continue reading

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