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Going round in circles on Stratford High Street

Transport for London have created a video to explain how you turn right on a bicycle at major junctions on the Superhighway 2 Extension on Stratford High Street. It is described as a ‘two stage right turn’, but in reality … Continue reading

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What is ‘clutter’?

Eric Pickles was in the news again yesterday with his fourth pronouncement – within a matter of weeks – on car parking. It comes ahead of some new Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) guidance that will, apparently, aim … Continue reading

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Southwark reverses away from ‘Going Dutch’

In the wider policy context of how cycling should be catered for on London’s streets, there’s some fairly astonishing guidance being drafted by Southwark Council on cycle lanes. It’s so weak that I think it is fair to say, as … Continue reading

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Just how good is the cycling infrastructure in Bracknell?

A visit to the Transport Research Laboratory on Friday gave me the opportunity to cycle through Bracknell, a New Town designated in 1949. A gentleman named Pete Owens of Warrington Cycle Campaign (perhaps most famous for the Facility of the … Continue reading

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Helmets and appropriate safety clothing

From the Lancashire Evening Post. Presented without comment. The number of cyclists killed and seriously injured on Lancashire’s roads has almost doubled in a year. Police said that between April 2013 and July 2013, 53 cyclists were killed and seriously injured … Continue reading

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Why don’t people cycle in Durham?

A little while ago I visited Durham for a short break. It’s an attractive, small city of around 80,000 inhabitants, with a narrow, historical street pattern that precludes the use of the motor car in much of the centre. Indeed, there is … Continue reading

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Update on Royal College Street

Back in January I blogged enthusiastically about the plans for Royal College Street in Camden, and I’m pleased to say the scheme is nearing completion. It’s a little hard to make definitive comments because the new arrangement isn’t finished, but what’s … Continue reading

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British Social Attitudes Survey 2012: public attitudes towards transport

The annual British Social Attitudes Survey covering attitudes towards transport was published last month. The report is worth a read in its own right, but there are are some very interesting details that deserve highlighting. The Survey confirms what we … Continue reading

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The psychology of riding on the pavement, and jumping red lights

Plenty of excellent stuff has already been written about the woefulness of the material that has finally emerged today from the Nice Way Code. I’m not going to add to that, because there’s really no need! What I would like … Continue reading

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More on the Nice Way Code – research

Robert Wright (a.k.a. The Invisible Visible Man) left this perceptive comment on the Nice Way Code website on Monday – Have you considered the possibility that you’ve simply completely misdiagnosed the problem? The problem isn’t that cyclists, pedestrians and motorists … Continue reading

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