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Lord Wolfson’s flyovers

In September last year, the chief executive of Next, Lord Wolfson – also a Conservative Party donor and former advisor, who happens to be married to an aide to George Osborne – wrote an opinion column in the Times (£), calling … Continue reading

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Resistance to change

Towards the end of the Ranty Highwayman’s excellent summary of a recent Institution of Civil Engineer’s lecture in London about cycling infrastructure, he makes an interesting observation, based on the two talks given by TfL staff during the evening – … Continue reading

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Space for cycling confirmed as separation from motor traffic

The AGM of the London Cycling Campaign on Saturday saw a series of important motions being passed – ones that will serve to define how the LCC formulate policy, and what they will campaign for. Indeed, the motions that were … Continue reading

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Ben Hamilton-Baillie and motor traffic

Last night I attended a talk given by Ben Hamilton-Baillie in Eastbourne. I didn’t really learn very much, because the talk was very similar to the ‘stock’ talk he has presumably given on numerous occasions before – the one you … Continue reading

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What ‘robocars’ tell us about British cycle campaigning

There was a flurry of discussion at the end of last week about what the emergence of ‘robocars’ – shorthand for cars that automatically drive themselves, without any human input – might mean for how we design for cycling, prompted … Continue reading

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Wimbledon Fire Brigade speak out

From the Wimbledon Local Guardian – A motorist has suffered life-changing injuries after he was crashed into by an HGV. The man, believed to be in his 30s, was severely burnt when he became trapped inside his Nissan Qashqai shortly before … Continue reading

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Short bike trips

On one of my recent posts Chris left the following comment, principally about the  inconvenience of riding a bike for short trips. What I don’t understand is why people would actually want to cycle for journeys under 2 miles? By … Continue reading

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Helmets, and James Cracknell’s brain

James Cracknell was struck by a petrol tanker travelling at high speed in July 2010, while he was cycling in Arizona. This incident has converted Cracknell into one of the most prominent advocates of cycle helmets in Britain, apparently on … Continue reading

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Broad Lane – the great TfL supertanker ploughs on

Rachel Aldred blogged last week about Transport for London’s proposals for Broad Lane in Tottenham, pointing out that this wide three lane road is going to be reduced in capacity to just a single lane in each direction – but … Continue reading

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On training

Some back-and-forth on Twitter throughout this week about, allegedly, ‘training versus infrastructure’ (an imagined opposition which I hope this piece will set to rest) has prompted me to attempt to formalise the thoughts on training that have been floating around … Continue reading

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