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Response to LTDA: Analysis of signal compliance, by mode

I thought I’d do a quick rough-and-ready analysis of the Licensed Taxi Driver’s Association videos that are doing the rounds today, which purport to show that people on bikes are serial lawbreakers. Their analysis is based on two separate hour-long … Continue reading

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Utter bollocks on local radio

If you tuned into BBC Radio Gloucestershire early on Thursday morning, you might have heard the presenter discussing cycling safety. Here’s a thought, and a suggestion, we haven’t heard before. Something we haven’t heard before? What’s that then? Surely something … Continue reading

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Hogan-Howe’s comments, and social attitudes to cycling

The comments made on BBC 94.9 by the Met’s Commissioner, Bernard Hogan-Howe, prompted a bit of controversy over the last few days. I’ve transcribed the exchange that provoked the debate. Nestor [presenter]: Would you ride a bike in London? Hogan-Howe: … Continue reading

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A sign of trouble

A good indication that a design for cycle traffic is compromised is if there have to be signs attempting to tell you how to use it. This example – where the Superhighway 2 Extension meets the Stratford Gyratory – fits … Continue reading

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Better cycling through design – how to really ‘Go Dutch’

On Friday evening Newsnight carried a very good report on the issues of cycling, and cycling safety, in London. It’s worth watching in full, if you haven’t seen it already – it’s a sensible, measured analysis of the issues, featuring … Continue reading

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The headlines from Safetytown

From the Safetytown News – A police chief has gone head-to-head with an MP after calling for compulsory pedestrian helmets. Sir Graham Dense, Safetyshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner, wants a change in the law to force pedestrians to wear helmets. But … Continue reading

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Look Out!

This week Lancashire Police have started running a campaign, ‘Let’s Look Out for Each Other’, which amounts to the usual strange attempt to make drivers and people cycling ‘more aware of each other’, as if anyone riding a bike isn’t … Continue reading

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Superhighway 5 on diversion

Late last year, the initial plans for Cycle Superhighway 5 were released by Transport for London. The Superhighway was routed over Vauxhall Bridge, and straight up Vauxhall Bridge Road, to Victoria station, where it ended as it met the current … Continue reading

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How to stop people cycling on the pavement

With the opening of the Superhighway 2 Extension yesterday, I found myself looking through some photographs of Stratford High Street, before the new cycle tracks appeared. This one in particular caught my attention – Some young kids being ‘antisocial’, and … Continue reading

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