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Lessons from Exhibition Road

This post has been mouldering in my drafts folder for several months as I pondered the relevance of banging on about Exhibition Road, and shared space, once again, but it’s probably worth releasing, even if much of what I say … Continue reading

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‘Sharing space’ on Exhibition Road

‘Give way to pedestrians.’ I thought signs like this would be superfluous with the fancy new street layout, which we were told would intrinsically suggest to drivers that they are moving through a pedestrian priority area. But evidently this isn’t … Continue reading

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Sustainable Safety and ‘Shared Space’

There was a bit of back-and-forth on social media last week on the subject of Exhibition Road, involving – in particular – the Conservative councillor Daniel Moylan, who had a major role in pushing the ‘shared space’ scheme through. One … Continue reading

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Blindness to motor traffic

An essential component of whether a road or a street is a pleasant place is the amount of motor traffic travelling down it. It isn’t the only component, of course, but it’s going to be a struggle to make somewhere that … Continue reading

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Getting ‘shared space’ the wrong way round

There’s been a fair bit of discussion of ‘shared space’ recently, prompted mainly by the Holmes Report into Shared Space, which was released at the start of the month. ‘Shared space’ is of course a catch-all term that covers a wide … Continue reading

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Sustrans Cycle-Friendly Design Manual (Part 1)

Last spring Sustrans released their Handbook for Cycle-Friendly Design, a relatively short 35-page document which got a bit of a kicking from many people, including David Hembrow and the Cycling Embassy. This year they’ve released a much longer document in … Continue reading

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A ‘shared space’ vision

Last year I wrote about how Ben Hamilton-Baillie – one of the foremost proponents of the ‘shared space’ philosophy – does not appear to be all that concerned about addressing motor traffic in urban areas. His designs are mere rearrangements … Continue reading

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How to make public space dull – fill it with cars

The visualisations Transport for London have been producing recently for the Superhighways – and for the Oval junction redesign – have attracted some comment from naysayers, about how little motor traffic is shown. By implication, TfL have wished motor traffic … Continue reading

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There’s a section early in the newly-released London Cycle Design Standards about ‘responding to context’ – the types of cycle infrastructure that should be expected on a variety of streets and roads, according to the movement or place (or both) … Continue reading

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Perspectives on Poynton

The Poynton ‘shared space’ scheme has attracted a large amount of attention, both in the UK, and abroad – attention driven principally by this seductive video, produced by Martin Cassini, an advocate of the removal, or reduction, of priority seen in … Continue reading

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