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The role for surfacing in rural areas

Every time I write something like this, or tweet something like this, Top – ‘National Cycle Network”. Bottom – ordinary Dutch cycle route. (pic by @HackneyCyclist) — Mark Treasure (@AsEasyAsRiding) January 27, 2016 … I tend to get replies or … Continue reading

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People drive around in dark coloured cars. There’s no stigma if you happen to use a car that’s black, or dark blue, or dark grey. It’s normal. Likewise people walk around in dark clothes without even thinking about it. Campaigns … Continue reading

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Zwolle to Assen by bike (part 2)

So, as promised here is the second and final part of my cycling trip between the Dutch cities of Zwolle and Assen, in July last year – part one here. As already mentioned this was about 45 miles, and done … Continue reading

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Zwolle to Assen, by bike – Part 1

Hackney Cyclist has recently put up a series of blogs on his experience of cycling between Dutch cities. They’re well worth reading in detail, and they’ve inspired me to do the same for a ride I made last summer between the … Continue reading

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Transport tribalism (part 2)

Last week I wrote about Transport Tribalism, the curious habit of parcelling people up according to the mode of transport they are using – even defining them by that mode of transport. It was prompted by articles from Linda Grant and from … Continue reading

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Transport tribalism

There’s an interesting and thoughtful post from David Aaronovitch in the Jewish Chronicle, examining the fallout from a recent piece written about cycling by a friend of his. I don’t think it’s giving too much away to state that the … Continue reading

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Audis in houses

Note This piece really isn’t intended to make the case that drivers of Audis are worse than drivers of any other vehicle. That may or may not be the case; I wouldn’t like to jump to that kind of assumption without any … Continue reading

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The Gummer Test

A brand new section of road in Horsham – widened and rebuilt at the location of a new development – tells you everything you need to know about how ‘the highway design machine’ across the vast majority of this country … Continue reading

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A new bridge in Zwolle – to remove some minor incovenience

A new cycling (and walking) bridge has recently been opened in the Dutch city of Zwolle. It’s an attractive structure, around 50m long and 7.5m wide – nothing particularly remarkable by Dutch standards. Opening nw fietsbrug in de verbinding Kampen/Zwolle. Hard … Continue reading

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A question of legitimacy

Last weekend’s Sunday Politics on BBC One devoted a large segment of the programme to the subject of the new Superhighways in London. A roving reporter had been duly despatched to examine Superhighway 5, running between Oval and Vauxhall Bridge … Continue reading

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