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Getting ‘shared space’ the wrong way round

There’s been a fair bit of discussion of ‘shared space’ recently, prompted mainly by the Holmes Report into Shared Space, which was released at the start of the month. ‘Shared space’ is of course a catch-all term that covers a wide … Continue reading

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History comes full circle – Tavistock Place moving towards the cycle provision it deserves

There are a good number of encouraging cycling schemes appearing in London now, either physically on the street, or in the form of consultations and trials. One of the latter is Camden’s plan for the Tavistock Place, or ‘Seven Stations’, … Continue reading

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You’re not held up by people cycling – you’re held up by other people driving (and yourself)

Imagine a street that carries 14,000 cyclists a day, on the street itself. That equates to around 1,500 people cycling along the street per hour, or 25 every minute. Imagine driving down that street. Surely a nightmare for any self-respecting … Continue reading

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Trying it out

Last year I wrote about the stalled attempts to improve Bank junction in the City of London. The problem appears to be the time it is taking the City to model the effects of potential changes to the junction – … Continue reading

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School run shenanigans

News from Sussex Police – Woman convicted of driving dangerously outside Crawley school A Crawley woman has been sentenced for driving dangerously outside a school. Leanne Andre, 43, of Friars Rookery,  Crawley, pleaded not guilty to driving dangerously in October … Continue reading

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Us, not ‘Them’

Sad as it is to say, I suppose there’s nothing particularly out of the ordinary about another sequence of deaths and serious injuries of people riding bikes – the most troubling and unsettling being yet another woman being crushed by a … Continue reading

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The gap

You may or may not have seen this fascinating graph from the Economist in 1981, shared with me by Graham Smith. It’s an amazing insight into the way cycling had effectively disappeared as a serious mode of transport for short … Continue reading

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Fantasy visualisations and ignoring the elephant in the room

Horsham’s going up in the world, because we’re getting a John Lewis, which opens next week. That means the town’s existing Waitrose supermarket – located pretty centrally in the town centre – is now moving out beyond the town’s four/five … Continue reading

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Space Invaders

The Head of Transport at the Institute of Economic Affairs, Richard Wellings, had this to say recently – @rgwarner @veloevol In my view Advanced Stop Lines for cyclists should be removed to make more efficient use of road space. — … Continue reading

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Sustrans Cycle-Friendly Design Manual (Part 1)

Last spring Sustrans released their Handbook for Cycle-Friendly Design, a relatively short 35-page document which got a bit of a kicking from many people, including David Hembrow and the Cycling Embassy. This year they’ve released a much longer document in … Continue reading

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