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A new bridge in Zwolle – to remove some minor incovenience

A new cycling (and walking) bridge has recently been opened in the Dutch city of Zwolle. It’s an attractive structure, around 50m long and 7.5m wide – nothing particularly remarkable by Dutch standards. Opening nw fietsbrug in de verbinding Kampen/Zwolle. Hard … Continue reading

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A question of legitimacy

Last weekend’s Sunday Politics on BBC One devoted a large segment of the programme to the subject of the new Superhighways in London. A roving reporter had been duly despatched to examine Superhighway 5, running between Oval and Vauxhall Bridge … Continue reading

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Living in a high-visibility world

I recently rediscovered this sensible Telegraph article about cycling safety from earlier this year. It contains (amongst some useful statistics and comments, particularly from Rachel Aldred) this little anecdote – There was a hope that the sheer weight of cyclists … Continue reading

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Cycling needs a backlash

Almost all of what passes for ‘cycling infrastructure’ in Britain has never generated a backlash, for one simple reason. It has never represented a direct challenge to the way our roads and streets are designed to prioritise motor traffic flow, … Continue reading

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Against shared use

One of the most baffling aspects of British cycling policy is the contrast between the periodic clampdowns on ‘pavement cycling’ (and the intolerance to this kind of activity in general) and the way cycling is actually designed for by most … Continue reading

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Traffic lights have to make sense

There is a set of traffic lights in Utrecht that must be amongst the most widely ignored in the city. They are located on Vredenburg, a new road layout right in the centre. You can stand at this junction, and the … Continue reading

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Sharing the road

‘Sharing the road’ sounds like an unobjectionable and friendly concept – what’s so bad about sharing? But in practice, the message is ambiguous and unhelpful, and might actually stand in the way of genuine improvements to our roads and streets. A large … Continue reading

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Bus lanes are not cycling infrastructure

A fairly self-explanatory post, this one. Bus lanes are not cycling ndeednfrastructure. There are lots of reasons why they shouldn’t be, which we’ll come to, but it might be worthwhile looking first at how we’ve ended up thinking that they … Continue reading

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Just how contemptuously bad can cycling infrastructure get?

Earlier this year ago I wrote about the Northgate gyratory in Chichester. This is a horrible roundabout, with very high motor traffic speeds, and risible, dangerous cycle ‘infrastructure’ around the perimeter; cycle lanes that put people cycling in hazardous positions and actually … Continue reading

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Three journalists

One would think that serious, high-minded journalists and broadcasters, with national audiences, would never willingly display ignorance, prejudice and stupidity on any topic they choose to investigate. Yet on the subject of cycling, a basic expectation that the subject is … Continue reading

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