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Rehabilitating the underpass

Underpasses have a pretty dreadful reputation in Britain; a reputation so dreadful that councils, planners, developers and highway engineers can point to public attitudes and say ‘people don’t like underpasses! Why should we provide them?’ But – just as with … Continue reading

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Is it really impossible to build cycleways past residential properties?

Is it business-as-usual for cycling ‘improvements’ in London, away from the high-profile cycle routes that are currently being built in the capital? Last week Transport for London released plans to improve Cycle Superhighway 7 in Balham which are, on the face … Continue reading

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Tinkering, bodging, and fudging – money down the jug handle

Is it possible to build 4 miles of ‘cycle route’ with £300,000 of investment? Obviously not; the answer is plain from a brief glance at my post from Monday. Spreading small amounts of money thinly will unfortunately achieve absolutely nothing. Problematic junctions and … Continue reading

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Come and see Horsham’s ‘East-West’ cycle route this Saturday

This Saturday the Horsham District Cycle Forum are organising a ride along the route of the town’s newest piece of ‘infrastructure’ – our ‘East-West’ cycle route across the town, funded by a Local Sustainable Transport Fund grant from the DfT to the tune … Continue reading

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The importance of road classification under Sustainable Safety

There was interesting detail buried in Bicycle Dutch’s (as usual, excellent) explanation of the evolution of a street in Utrecht, the Mariaplaats. [Before the 1980s] much of the street’s width was allocated to the private car. Lateral parking on both … Continue reading

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Types of filtered permeability, and its effects

I suspect most people who read this and similar blogs are familiar with the term ‘filtered permeability’, and what it implies. Maybe a better term is required; perhaps it isn’t particularly easy for the general public to grasp what it … Continue reading

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Gridlock, and confirmation bias

Way back in 2003, the north side of Trafalgar Square – the portion in front of the National Gallery – was pedestrianised, with the road running in front of the gallery, that severed it from the square, removed. Before the … Continue reading

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Utrecht – a city that has been designed for cycling and mass mobility

I remember David Arditti once describing the experience of viewing pictures of Dutch cycling infrastructure, while sitting in a British conference a few years ago, as like seeing scenes beamed back from another planet – such was the difference between the road- … Continue reading

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Stress test

There was a typical August ‘silly season’ story last week – the idea of women-only train carriages, prompted by some comments from a Labour leadership candidate that were seized on and used to generate ‘news’ at a typically quiet time of … Continue reading

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People choose to live on quiet streets – so why is it so hard to close residential streets to through traffic?

An interview with the founder of housebuilder Redrow has been floating around in my drafts as a potential basis for a post for a while. It caught my attention because it touched upon residential streets and how they should be … Continue reading

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