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London’s enormous cycling potential

Back in 2010, Transport for London published an Analysis of Cycling Potential. – an assessment of many trips could be cycled by Londoners, but weren’t being cycled now. It was quite a conservative analysis (as will be described below) but … Continue reading

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Transport choice

What does ‘mass cycling’ mean? It doesn’t mean everyone has to cycle, for every single trip. It’s worth bearing in mind that, even in the Netherlands, where cycling is a universal mode of transport, cycling only accounts for 27% of all … Continue reading

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In the way

What is it about cycling in front of motor vehicles that makes for an unpleasant experience? This is a pertinent question in the light of a number of related issues – principally, how we should go about designing for cycling … Continue reading

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At the Leeds Cycle City Expo, the keynote speech was given by Robert Goodwill, the Under Secretary of State for Transport, with special responsibility for cycling. It was full of pleasant soundbites and encouraging noises, but when he had to depart … Continue reading

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As if we didn’t already know, a cycling revolution won’t happen by itself

There is a curious opinion that often manifests itself in government and in councils – that a serious commitment to cycling as a mode of transport in its own right can’t be made, precisely because very few journeys are currently … Continue reading

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A kerb nerd protests

The epithet ‘kerb nerds’ seems to have been coined to describe those people who think that, on roads that carry a certain volume of motor traffic, travelling at a certain speed, cycling as a mode of transport should not share … Continue reading

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The natural impulse to protect, and what it means for the school run

A couple of days ago I was sent this email circular from PTRC, a company that runs training courses for transport and planning. It’s by David Jilks, the PR manager for CILT (the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport). Running … Continue reading

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Some statistics from the latest Travel in London Report

Transport for London’s latest Travel in London report was released just before Christmas, and, as always, it is packed full of statistics. One of the most telling graphs comes early in the report – The distance travelled by motor vehicle has … Continue reading

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Better cycling through design – how to really ‘Go Dutch’

On Friday evening Newsnight carried a very good report on the issues of cycling, and cycling safety, in London. It’s worth watching in full, if you haven’t seen it already – it’s a sensible, measured analysis of the issues, featuring … Continue reading

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The myth of incompetence

You won’t need me to tell you that John Forester is the ‘father of vehicular cycling’. One of his biggest apparent obsessions is the notion that cycle tracks and cycle paths foster ‘incompetent’ cycling. He has written, for instance, that … Continue reading

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