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A road designed for motor vehicles

A correspondent has pointed me to this story from last week – Steven Berkoff was found guilty today of driving without due care and attention after knocking over a woman on Oxford Street. The 76-year-old actor, playwright and director was … Continue reading

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Another attack by an inanimate object

I’ve written before about bollards causing trouble for motorists; it seems they are still up to their dirty tricks. A van mounted a bollard in Horsham town centre this morning (Thursday) and had to be removed by a motoring assistance … Continue reading

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The troubling attitude behind the “Nice Way Code”

A few weeks ago the The Times covered the thoughts of Richard Allchin – Bradley Wiggins’s former manager has urged cyclists not to jump red lights and to respect the rules of the roads, adding that motorists will only stop … Continue reading

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They’re much better behaved on the continent, aren’t they?

A common refrain from British cycling campaigners is that continental drivers respect and understand cyclists – that there is better behaviour towards people cycling, and general courtesy and civility amongst road users. This is either attributed to ‘culture’, or to … Continue reading

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Make the public wear stab-proof vests and chainmail, says Mr Loophole

A lawyer famous for defending people who wave knives about dangerously in public has called for the the wearing of stab-proof vests and chainmail to be made compulsory. The lawyer, known as Mr Loophole – who has earned a reputation for … Continue reading

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‘It is not just my fault’

The remarkable story of how a driver ‘lost control’, and careered the wrong way up a one-way system, injuring three people, because… someone on a bike shouted at him. A driver whose car mowed down pedestrians and smashed into a … Continue reading

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A significant majority

There was an interesting comment nestling in a report of an inquest into a cyclist’s death, from yesterday – Police Constable Ian Clark said it was “likely” the cyclist had been wearing earphones at the time of the collision … Continue reading

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The revenge of the inanimate object

Last year I wrote about the mysterious case of a bollard in Wimbledon that had the temerity to make drivers crash into it. Almost unbelievably, the council had placed a bollard in a position where drivers cutting the corner, driving … Continue reading

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Self-driving cars and simple errors

Some recent news stories – A man is seriously ill in hospital after a car crashed and ended up embedded in a house in Suffolk. The red Audi TT left the road and crashed into the home in Long Meadow Walk, … Continue reading

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Uses for bicycle facilities

I’m currently reading (probably about two years after everyone else has) Andrew Ross Sorkin’s Too Big to Fail, about the collapse of Lehman Brothers and attempts to stop a financial meltdown on Wall Street. The book contains this brief but … Continue reading

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