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Sustainable Safety and ‘Shared Space’

There was a bit of back-and-forth on social media last week on the subject of Exhibition Road, involving – in particular – the Conservative councillor Daniel Moylan, who had a major role in pushing the ‘shared space’ scheme through. One … Continue reading

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Better cycling through design – how to really ‘Go Dutch’

On Friday evening Newsnight carried a very good report on the issues of cycling, and cycling safety, in London. It’s worth watching in full, if you haven’t seen it already – it’s a sensible, measured analysis of the issues, featuring … Continue reading

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What ‘robocars’ tell us about British cycle campaigning

There was a flurry of discussion at the end of last week about what the emergence of ‘robocars’ – shorthand for cars that automatically drive themselves, without any human input – might mean for how we design for cycling, prompted … Continue reading

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Don’t misunderstand the Fietsstraat

The Times’ excellent correspondent, Kaya Burgess, is currently in the Netherlands on a fact-finding mission, along with London’s Cycling Commisioner Andrew Gilligan, Scotland’s Minister for Transport Keith Brown, and others. I hope they like what they are seeing (it’s impossible … Continue reading

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When people demonstrate they don’t want to cycle with traffic, why don’t we listen?

Over the recent bank holiday weekend I went out for a brief ride up and down the Downs Link in Sussex. This is the old railway line that used to run between Guildford and Shoreham, and now – like so … Continue reading

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Cycle tracks and on-street parking

On-street parking and cycle tracks are not incompatible; in fact, quite the opposite. Parked cars – where on-street parking is necessary, and/or allowed – actually provide a useful barrier between the cycle track and moving traffic. Take this example from … Continue reading

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Dangerous lorry driving is not taken seriously

Last week, HGV driver Joao Lopes was sentenced to four years imprisonment for causing death by dangerous driving (and also to 12 months imprisonment, to be served concurrently, for falsification of tachograph data). What is significant is that Lopes will … Continue reading

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Pinch points

Habitual cyclists are no doubt all too familiar with pinch points, those narrowings of the carriageways where it would be impossible, or unsafe, for a bicycle and a vehicle to pass side by side. They necessitate assertive road positioning to … Continue reading

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Mixing with lorries, Dutch-style

In the wake of Mike Penning and Norman Baker’s bizarre and misleading comments about the respective safety of Dutch and British cyclists to the House of Commons Transport Committee on cycling safety in April, Jim Gleeson took a close look … Continue reading

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