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Friday Facility no.13 – Merryfield Drive, Horsham

Yesterday I cycled over to Merryfield Drive, in the west of Horsham, to take some pictures of the town’s only stretch of segregated cycle track. Here it is, all twenty metres of it. It’s a slightly confusing arrangement, because as … Continue reading

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Friday Facility no.12 – The High Street, Guildford

This year’s Tour Of Britain will finish on Guildford High Street, in Surrey. It promises to be a fantastic spectacle, with the riders racing up the steep cobbled hill, surrounded on both sides by thousands of fans. Throughout the rest … Continue reading

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Friday Facility no.11 – Furneaux Walk, Horsham

As Joe Dunckley has noted in a recent post, The Department for Transport’s Local Transport Note 2/08, Cycle Infrastructure Design, is a curiously muddled-headed document when it comes to off-carriageway provision. While ostensibly a prescriptive document, one that should tell us how … Continue reading

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Friday Facility no.10 – Ampton Street, Camden

The segregated cycle track along Tavistock Place in Camden often gets a lot of attention – it’s one of the few examples of separated provision for cyclists in London of any length. It is not adequate in width, nor is … Continue reading

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Friday Facility no.9 – Booth Way, Horsham

The facility in question is an off-road path of a decent width, that cuts between Booth Way, and Depot Road, in Horsham. It is shared with pedestrians – the white line divides the pedestrian side from the cyclist side. The … Continue reading

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Friday Facility no.8 – Wellesley Road, Croydon

The short cycle lane on Wellesley Road in Croydon is possibly one of the worst, and most dangerous, facilities I have encountered. It’s extraordinarily negligent and thoughtless, even by the standards of the mindless crap that gets put on our … Continue reading

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Friday Facility no.7 – Battlebridge Lane, Redhill

As we approach the large junction between Battlebridge Lane and Ormside Way/New Battlebridge Lane in Redhill, we are directed onto the pavement, where we meet other cyclists simultaneously being directed onto the road, from the pavement – from both directions. … Continue reading

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Friday Facility no.6 – Comptons Lane, Horsham

Was this a challenge to fit the maximum number of give way lines into the smallest possible space, or a genuine attempt to construct something useful? Either way, it’s a winningly pointless facility. It does allow you to move from … Continue reading

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Friday Facility No.5 – Springfield Road, Horsham

In which an initially promising idea – a kerb-separated contraflow cycle lane – disintegrates into a confusing mess in the space of a few yards. The entrance. So far so good. We can turn left here, but motor vehicles can’t. … Continue reading

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Friday Facility No.4 – Southgate Avenue, Crawley

I’m not sure whether the ‘Dismount’ is for the bin, or the bus stop. Either way, this is one location where there is, quite clearly, no space for separated cycle paths of decent width. The photograph was taken at 5:30 … Continue reading

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