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The steps

There is a small entrance to the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford, from St Giles’. It brings you into the grand central courtyard from the east, through a corridor in the building, rather than via the direct and obvious entrance from the … Continue reading

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Lessons from Exhibition Road

This post has been mouldering in my drafts folder for several months as I pondered the relevance of banging on about Exhibition Road, and shared space, once again, but it’s probably worth releasing, even if much of what I say … Continue reading

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A new arrangment on Parkway, Camden

It does feel slightly wrong to make criticisms of a scheme that has vastly improved the streetscape in a particular area, especially when you’ve just left an excellent talk given by a great traffic engineer and designer who happened to … Continue reading

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Pinch points

Habitual cyclists are no doubt all too familiar with pinch points, those narrowings of the carriageways where it would be impossible, or unsafe, for a bicycle and a vehicle to pass side by side. They necessitate assertive road positioning to … Continue reading

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What is pedestrian guardrail for?

A tragic story from Rhos-on-Sea in North Wales. A PENSIONER was killed and another woman left seriously injured after a car hit two pedestrians. The crash happened in Rhos-on-Sea, when the car mounted the pavement and struck the two women outside … Continue reading

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