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From the specific to the general

Imagine a grim, appalling, but unfortunately all-too-common scenario. A primary school is under attack from a deranged gunman. Shots have been fired, and the gunman stalks the school corridors, looking for children to kill. In one of the classrooms, a … Continue reading

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Asking the wrong questions

At the weekend I went along to the Cyclenation/Cycling UK Campaigners Conference in St Albans, where I was one of many people making presentations to a large audience. My one was on Sustainable Safety, and afterwards I chatted briefly to … Continue reading

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The helmet on the handlebars

At the FreeCycle event in central London on Saturday, there were, of course, large numbers of people wearing helmets and hi-viz tabards – not least because the latter were, as always, being handed out to participants. But as I cycled … Continue reading

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Headway’s Brick Wall

I really, really wish I didn’t have to write another ‘helmet’ post ever again, but the Headway brain injury association have made me. Thanks very much. Here’s what they’ve done. They’ve responded to Chris Boardman’s appearance on BBC Breakfast with … Continue reading

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The Advertising Standards Authority – not fit for purpose

Scotland’s The Nice Way Code campaign got an almighty and justifiable thrashing from campaigners last year, particularly for its nonsensical advice, and notions of collective responsibility. However, with one judgement, the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has managed to make me … Continue reading

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One activity can have different forms

We use words to describe things. They are useful. A small problem, however, is that there aren’t enough of them. Human beings can only remember a finite number of words, and that means, inevitably, that there aren’t enough words to … Continue reading

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How about you just don’t injure me?

Spotted in a local newspaper – I remember a debate on cycling helmets. People were writing to the Times newspaper stating that, statistically, helmets were not effective in the reduction of injuries. And then one correspondent cut through all the crap … Continue reading

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The headlines from Safetytown

From the Safetytown News – A police chief has gone head-to-head with an MP after calling for compulsory pedestrian helmets. Sir Graham Dense, Safetyshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner, wants a change in the law to force pedestrians to wear helmets. But … Continue reading

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Look Out!

This week Lancashire Police have started running a campaign, ‘Let’s Look Out for Each Other’, which amounts to the usual strange attempt to make drivers and people cycling ‘more aware of each other’, as if anyone riding a bike isn’t … Continue reading

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Helmets, and James Cracknell’s brain

James Cracknell was struck by a petrol tanker travelling at high speed in July 2010, while he was cycling in Arizona. This incident has converted Cracknell into one of the most prominent advocates of cycle helmets in Britain, apparently on … Continue reading

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