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History comes full circle – Tavistock Place moving towards the cycle provision it deserves

There are a good number of encouraging cycling schemes appearing in London now, either physically on the street, or in the form of consultations and trials. One of the latter is Camden’s plan for the Tavistock Place, or ‘Seven Stations’, … Continue reading

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Dealing with a historical failure to consider cycling

Way back in the 1970s, Horsham built a stub of inner ring-road, a dual carriageway that was later extended in two stages to (almost) encircle the town centre. It’s called Albion Way. It involved almost entirely demolishing a church… and … Continue reading

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Broad Lane – the great TfL supertanker ploughs on

Rachel Aldred blogged last week about Transport for London’s proposals for Broad Lane in Tottenham, pointing out that this wide three lane road is going to be reduced in capacity to just a single lane in each direction – but … Continue reading

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Why don’t people cycle in Durham?

A little while ago I visited Durham for a short break. It’s an attractive, small city of around 80,000 inhabitants, with a narrow, historical street pattern that precludes the use of the motor car in much of the centre. Indeed, there is … Continue reading

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Update on Royal College Street

Back in January I blogged enthusiastically about the plans for Royal College Street in Camden, and I’m pleased to say the scheme is nearing completion. It’s a little hard to make definitive comments because the new arrangement isn’t finished, but what’s … Continue reading

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Exempting cyclists from traffic orders – leadership is needed

Before it was consumed in the ‘bonfire of the quangos’, Cycling England produced some pretty good guidance. One of their design principles was that cyclists should be exempt from Traffic Regulation Orders (or Traffic Management Orders, in London). Cyclists should be … Continue reading

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In praise of gyratories (and one-way systems) – why more of them could be the answer

If you say the word ‘gyratory’ to anyone who cycles regularly around cities or large towns in Britain, they’ll probably shiver involuntarily and start to sweat a little. In their mind, they will almost certainly be picturing  scenes like this … Continue reading

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Some cycle tracks and junctions in Amsterdam

Inspired by a recent post from the Alternative Department for Transport about cycle tracks crossing minor junctions, I spent some of my time wandering and cycling round Amsterdam last week examining the kinds of arrangements of cycle tracks at junctions … Continue reading

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The civilising of Horsham town centre

Only two years ago, East Street in Horsham looked like this. A narrow street, with large numbers of shops and restaurants, but designed principally around the motor vehicle. Despite the large numbers of pedestrians using the street, the pavements were … Continue reading

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A new arrangment on Parkway, Camden

It does feel slightly wrong to make criticisms of a scheme that has vastly improved the streetscape in a particular area, especially when you’ve just left an excellent talk given by a great traffic engineer and designer who happened to … Continue reading

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