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Problem with ‘pavement cycling’? Blame the council

This tweet from Thames Valley Police in Windsor has attracted a fair amount of derision. Out on #MaidenheadRoad enforcing cycling restrictions #cyclesafe #C6963 #C8005 — TVP Windsor (@TVP_Windsor) September 28, 2016 Principally because what the police are ‘enforcing’ is, … Continue reading

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The problem with the word ‘cyclist’

The news that the police should use some discretion and not issue Fixed Penalty Notices to anyone who rides a bike on a footway, irrespective of the local context, the type of person riding, and how they are behaving, was … Continue reading

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How to stop people cycling on the pavement

With the opening of the Superhighway 2 Extension yesterday, I found myself looking through some photographs of Stratford High Street, before the new cycle tracks appeared. This one in particular caught my attention – Some young kids being ‘antisocial’, and … Continue reading

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