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Taking responsibility for social safety

Labour’s Shadow Transport Secretary, iniichael Dugher, gave an interview with the Mirror in December, which attracted a fair bit of attention, principally because it resembles a transparent attempt to court the ‘motorist vote’ (whatever that may be) – presenting Labour … Continue reading

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Thinking outside the box

Urban Design London have recently released some new guidance (in draft form), entitled the ‘Slow Streets Sourcebook: designing for 20mph streets’. This manual – like other ones I have commented on recently – has revealing design recommendations for ‘cyclists’. These are the kinds of … Continue reading

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Natural character

What is ‘natural’? The word, formally, means something that is not made, or caused, by humans. But this strict definition is very rarely employed. We use the word ‘natural’ to describe all kinds of things that are not ‘natural’ at … Continue reading

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At the Leeds Cycle City Expo, the keynote speech was given by Robert Goodwill, the Under Secretary of State for Transport, with special responsibility for cycling. It was full of pleasant soundbites and encouraging noises, but when he had to depart … Continue reading

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As if we didn’t already know, a cycling revolution won’t happen by itself

There is a curious opinion that often manifests itself in government and in councils – that a serious commitment to cycling as a mode of transport in its own right can’t be made, precisely because very few journeys are currently … Continue reading

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Ben Hamilton-Baillie and motor traffic

Last night I attended a talk given by Ben Hamilton-Baillie in Eastbourne. I didn’t really learn very much, because the talk was very similar to the ‘stock’ talk he has presumably given on numerous occasions before – the one you … Continue reading

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Who drives in Britain?

The current population of Great Britain stands at around 63.2 million people. From the way transport is presented by much of the media and by politicians, you would think that every single one of these people is a ‘motorist’. I … Continue reading

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Accessibility versus amenity – how the bicycle can solve the dilemma

Yesterday I gave a brief presentation at a Town Centre Opportunities event in London; the theme of the conference was on revitalising urban space and keeping ‘The High Street’ thriving. I was invited to talk in a supposedly provocative capacity, … Continue reading

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Enough is enough

Dave Horton’s excellent Cycling Struggles series continued on Thursday, taking a look at pavement cycling, and how conflict has been created between two user groups that really should co-exist quite harmoniously. I urge you to read it (indeed, read the whole set, … Continue reading

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That ‘war’ on Britain’s roads – the statistics

For me, the most troubling aspect of the BBC’s much-discussed programme last week was its attempt to portray cyclists and drivers as two seemingly equal parties, ‘battling’ for supremacy on the roads. The voiceover intoned, right at the start – … Continue reading

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