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The difference between walking and cycling safety

At the end of my last post about ‘dangerising’, I mused about why, despite the presence of many pedestrians – and speeches from pedestrian campaigners – at the Die In last Friday, nobody appeared to voice any concern that people … Continue reading

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The subject of ‘dangerisation’ – the idea that we are discouraging people who might be tempted cycle in London from doing so by talking about danger and safety – is back on the agenda, following the ‘Die In’ outside TfL … Continue reading

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Enough is enough

Dave Horton’s excellent Cycling Struggles series continued on Thursday, taking a look at pavement cycling, and how conflict has been created between two user groups that really should co-exist quite harmoniously. I urge you to read it (indeed, read the whole set, … Continue reading

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What is pedestrian guardrail for?

A tragic story from Rhos-on-Sea in North Wales. A PENSIONER was killed and another woman left seriously injured after a car hit two pedestrians. The crash happened in Rhos-on-Sea, when the car mounted the pavement and struck the two women outside … Continue reading

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Crossing the road

Some good news – eventually – in Horsham. THE STAFF, parents, governors and children at Leechpool Primary School are having a triple celebration after winning their six-year battle for a pedestrian crossing and successfully passing two inspections. The Horsham school’s … Continue reading

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Smoothing traffic flow, West Sussex-style

The village of Southwater, which lies around 2 miles south of Horsham, has expanded at an incredible rate over the last two decades. In the early 1990s, its population was just over 5,000. In the 2001 census, the number of … Continue reading

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Friday Facility no.11 – Furneaux Walk, Horsham

As Joe Dunckley has noted in a recent post, The Department for Transport’s Local Transport Note 2/08, Cycle Infrastructure Design, is a curiously muddled-headed document when it comes to off-carriageway provision. While ostensibly a prescriptive document, one that should tell us how … Continue reading

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The Evening Standard disappears up its own fundament

On 18th January, Michael Howie and Jonathan Prynn of the Evening Standard wrote a piece about the alleged swiftness with which Westminster Council were converting single yellow lines around junctions in their borough to double yellows; their purpose, apparently, to hint … Continue reading

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The Tanbridge Retail Park, Horsham – when urban planning goes wrong

The ‘A’ arrow on the map below marks the location of the Tanbridge Retail Park in Horsham. It was constructed in the early 1990s, alongside a new section of dual carriageway that had been blasted through part of the town, … Continue reading

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