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The benefits of keeping buses and bikes apart

Putting a cycle track alongside a bus lane is standard practice in the Netherlands. The principles of sustainable safety – specifically, homogeneity – mean you should not mix vehicles that differ greatly in mass. So unless it is completely unavoidable, … Continue reading

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We’re all familiar with those situations where cycling provision just gives up. Places where the designer couldn’t be bothered; places where it was too expensive to do things properly; places where space was a bit tight; or a combination of … Continue reading

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Independent mobility

One of the most striking things about cycling in the Netherlands is the difference in the demographics you encounter. On my usual cycling trips in Britain, the people cycling around me are typically aged between 20 and 50, and mostly male. Children … Continue reading

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Five minutes in Utrecht

On a sunny Wednesday afternoon, I was taking pictures outside a supermarket on Biltstraat in Utrecht – watching people coming and going by bike. I’d estimate there are around forty to fifty bicycles parked outside the shop here; a steady … Continue reading

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Not everything the Dutch do is transferable

Way back in 2011, I cycled out of the city of Utrecht with my partner, who was riding a bike for the first time in well over a decade. The trip was almost entirely painless, with no interactions with motor … Continue reading

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The joy of cycling in the Netherlands

Last week I posted, quite deliberately, about the bad bits of my cycling experience around the Netherlands. The purpose there was to show that the Dutch still have difficulties to overcome, in particular locations, to make cycling attractive and safe, and … Continue reading

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Nothing useful to say

Some comment on a detail from the recent inquest into the death of Venera Minakhmetova at Bow roundabout last November. Coroner Mary Hassell said she had “nothing useful” to say to Transport for London as the roundabout had since “been … Continue reading

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Why can’t we get visualisations right?

Last night I was discussing plans for the centre of Enfield, as part of that borough’s ‘mini-Holland’ bid, during a London Cycling Campaign seminar on designing well for walking and cycling. The plans themselves – if they are not watered … Continue reading

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The bad bits

I’m just back from a week-long tour of the Netherlands, cycling between (and across) a number of cities and towns I hadn’t visited before. I travelled around 300 miles, across the entire country. I will obviously come to the good … Continue reading

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