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Some London cycling statistics

While digesting over the Christmas period, I’ve also been rummaging around in the latest Travel in London Report [pdf] from Transport for London, published last week. There are some interesting trends emerging with regard to cycling. First of all, it’s worth taking … Continue reading

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Enough is enough

Dave Horton’s excellent Cycling Struggles series continued on Thursday, taking a look at pavement cycling, and how conflict has been created between two user groups that really should co-exist quite harmoniously. I urge you to read it (indeed, read the whole set, … Continue reading

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The BBC confuse being healthy with being sporty

I’ve come across an interesting video from the BBC, who have sent a reporter to Sweden to find out answers to the question Why are Swedish women healthier than the British? It’s interesting principally for the bizarre way the report … Continue reading

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That ‘war’ on Britain’s roads – the statistics

For me, the most troubling aspect of the BBC’s much-discussed programme last week was its attempt to portray cyclists and drivers as two seemingly equal parties, ‘battling’ for supremacy on the roads. The voiceover intoned, right at the start – … Continue reading

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Some misconceptions

Much as I am loath to take issue with Martin Porter – his blog is ever-excellent on the matter of the seriousness with which road crime is treated (see especially his recent post on the inadequacy of the police attitude … Continue reading

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The significance of the TfL cycling funding

The big headline for cycling at the end of last week was the £1 billion worth of funding announced by Boris Johnson for cycling improvements in London, spent over the next ten years, which made the front page of the … Continue reading

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