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The War On The Motorist Continues

Proposals for double yellow lines in London Road and New Place Road, Pulborough, will be discussed next week. Cllr Frank Wilkinson, chairman of the Chanctonbury county local committee, said: “The proposals aim to solve the problem of vehicles parking on … Continue reading

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Celebrating ‘National Climate Week’ with West Sussex County Council

Last week was ‘National Climate Week.’ I know, it was hard to miss it. West Sussex County Council got in to the spirit of things by holding a workshop for children at County Hall North in Horsham, entitled ‘The Carbon … Continue reading

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History Repeating

On 18th March 2008, Nga Diep was killed while cycling to work, at the junction of Ilderton Road, and Rotherhithe New Road, in south-east London. She was pressed up against pedestrian railings by a skip lorry, before falling under the … Continue reading

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Horsham District Council, and Cycle Parking

One of the ‘Key Issues’ for the Horsham District, listed in the newly-published West Sussex County Council Transport Plan 2011-26, is that There is a lack of secure public cycle parking through the District, particularly in Horsham [page 60] And … Continue reading

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A slightly unrepresentative picture of the Cycle Superhighways

A recent piece on infrastructure for cyclists at the Cycling Mobility website, charting the debate amongst cycling advocates about the utility and safety of protected cycled lanes, is illustrated with this picture of Southwark Bridge, on Superhighway 7. The picture … Continue reading

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Segregated Lanes in London, and ‘Lack of Space’

My attention has been drawn, via Crap Waltham Forest and Karl McCracken, to the recent comments of Alison Dines, the leader of Islington Cyclists’ Action Group, about the possibility of safer, separated cycle lanes in London. In an interview with … Continue reading

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West Sussex County Council’s 2011-26 Transport Plan, and Cycling In Horsham

King’s Road, Horsham. A typical Horsham ‘Cycle Route’. The post carries a nice blue sign with a bicycle picture on it. West Sussex County Council’s newly published Transport Plan 2011-2026 admits that, in the Horsham district, The current provision of … Continue reading

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Very, Very Scilly – Liberal Democrat Cognitive Dissonance

Energy secretary, Chris Huhne, Saturday 5th March – Getting off the oil hook is made all the more urgent by the crisis in the Middle East. We cannot afford to go on relying on such a volatile source of energy … Continue reading

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Horsham Cycle Routes, Route 2 – North Parade

Last week, I started a series examining, in detail, the ‘Existing Cycle Routes’ in Horsham, which featured in the ‘Provisional’ version of West Sussex County Council’s newly published Transport Plan. The first route I looked at doesn’t go anywhere. About the … Continue reading

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