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Just how contemptuously bad can cycling infrastructure get?

Earlier this year ago I wrote about the Northgate gyratory in Chichester. This is a horrible roundabout, with very high motor traffic speeds, and risible, dangerous cycle ‘infrastructure’ around the perimeter; cycle lanes that put people cycling in hazardous positions and actually … Continue reading

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Three journalists

One would think that serious, high-minded journalists and broadcasters, with national audiences, would never willingly display ignorance, prejudice and stupidity on any topic they choose to investigate. Yet on the subject of cycling, a basic expectation that the subject is … Continue reading

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A visit to Superhighway 2

The upgrade of Superhighway 2 has been generating some publicity (bad publicity), and this week I managed to head out to Whitechapel (and indeed along the route to Bow roundabout, and back again) to have a look at it. The … Continue reading

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Road design and the Nirvana Fallacy

Does idealism, rather than pragmatic realism, inhibit good policy outcomes? That was the subject of a thoughtful post in the New Statesman by Ian Leslie, published in the wake of Jeremy Corbyn’s statement that he would refuse to use Britain’s nuclear … Continue reading

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Different standards

A few weeks ago the City of London held a cycling safety event, aimed in particular at women, following an astonishing 30 serious injuries to female cyclists in the Square Mile since 2010, and three deaths. And this week a haulage company was running … Continue reading

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Rehabilitating the underpass

Underpasses have a pretty dreadful reputation in Britain; a reputation so dreadful that councils, planners, developers and highway engineers can point to public attitudes and say ‘people don’t like underpasses! Why should we provide them?’ But – just as with … Continue reading

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Is it really impossible to build cycleways past residential properties?

Is it business-as-usual for cycling ‘improvements’ in London, away from the high-profile cycle routes that are currently being built in the capital? Last week Transport for London released plans to improve Cycle Superhighway 7 in Balham which are, on the face … Continue reading

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Tinkering, bodging, and fudging – money down the jug handle

Is it possible to build 4 miles of ‘cycle route’ with £300,000 of investment? Obviously not; the answer is plain from a brief glance at my post from Monday. Spreading small amounts of money thinly will unfortunately achieve absolutely nothing. Problematic junctions and … Continue reading

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